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Shop Talk 026

Nick, Jonny and Tony dive into another week’s worth of stuff in the world of Comics and Toys. We start off by discussing the difference between onsies and snuggies but this quickly devolves into a discussion on why Tony doesn’t like his feet to be touched. Jonny shares one of his favorite apps called Zombies Run which is a game that combines a narrative zombie radio show with jogging and collecting items to build your outpost. Very cool. We also talk about the previous week’s Metrocon event in the store. We also talk more about Guardians of the Galaxy because every one is talking about what may well be the movie of the summer. Then Tony and Nick hassles a poor Transformer fan who is looking forward to Age of Extinction. Rather than a pile of what Jonny has already read, this week we review a pile of books that he’s taking home but has yet to read that includes;  Elektra #2, Magneto #4, Sinestro #2, Original Sin #2, MPH #1, Batman Eternal #7, Coffin Hill Vol.1 TPB, Black Canary and Zatanna HC and Valiant’s Hardcorps Vol.1 HC. Finally, Tony gives us his take on the new Godzilla movie.

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