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Shop Talk 015

Episode fifteen opens with a mid season True Detective discussion which devolves into an almost equally interesting but unrelated talk time on rodent removal. We argue over who is the more likable character; Rust Cole or Marty? Being caveman-esque men we also set aside some time to discuss Alexandra Daddario’s physical attributes and their genuine qualities… nicest way I can phrase that. You get a quick synopsis of what the hell is the new Divergent movie series about. Around the 38 minute mark we start in on the book reviews; Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers Vol.1 TPB Avenger’s World, New 52 Constantine Vol.1 TPB, Magneto #1, Dark Horse’ Greg Rucka’s Veil #1, She Hulk #2, New Warriors #2 and the pick of the week; Moon Knight #1 by Warren Ellis! Toy picks of the week from Tony is Kid Robot’s Futurama Minis and Nick picks Marvel Labbits series 2 .


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