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Shop Talk 006

Here is our year end spectacular. While other sites dealing with comics and movies and other such nerdy shit, we here at Fancore give you the Old Man podcast! That’s right, three pre-elderly guys discussing diabetes, gluten free diets and all the while we’re scarfing down cookies baked by our very own K-stu. Did you want to know a good trick to buying healthy yogurt? We got it!

We do talk some about toys and comics as well though. Nick’s toy pick of the week is the Figma Samus from Metroid. You’ve got to watch the minifig talk as well to find out who’s talking about legless Lego Legolas. Where does one go to find hip hop Karaoke? Blu Ray dilemmas. Who’s got Tony Stark’s goatee? How does Jonny shop for Blu Rays? Will Andrew okay the name change of the show to “Three Old Men and a Little Baby”? Welcome to the Old Man Health Cast!oppblåsbare Båter

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