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Shop Talk 005

Ever break a toy? Like a newly purchased collectible figure? Did your heart break? Just a little? We spend some time talking about just that this week and what you can do, if anything to fix it. Then we’re off talking about movie trailers and how much is too much to give away about a movie’s plot! What are the worst trailers you’ve ever seen? What are the best? We transition from there to stand up comedy and what is the line drawn for appropriate jokes and humor. Is rape off the table? Race? If we figured anything out this week, it is that Travis wants to make the sexy times with a robot. Yes, a sex robot. Swear to god, you’ll have to download to find out more. At the end we cover Jonny’s comic pick of the week which is MouseGuard: Tale of the Guard Vol.2 HC and then Nick’s toy pick of the week; Fansproject’s Smart Robin; an anagram of the Transformer Brain Storm.

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