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Secret Warriors Vol.2 TPB

Superhero espionage; who wants some? I do! I do! Well if Jonathan Hickman‘s writing it I do! Hickman’s intuitive understanding of Nick Fury’s world is so perfect that I never want to leave. There’s so much going on, as one would assume given the world that Fury lives in, plots upon plots, interested parties like Norman Osborne to contend with, the Thunderbolts, Hydra, different groups of heroes, from Fury’s selected Warriors to Dum Dum and the commandos to Fury and his clandestine cohorts and it all weaves together perfectly!

The artwork is clean and swift, although Ed McGuiness seems an odd choice at first. Truth be told, he actually fits in quite well in this fast paced world where conspiracies are revealed and alliances are forged. Hickman explores more of Ares’ world as he takes his boy to be judged by a council of Gods, while Fury punches Osborne in the face and the Secret Warriors face off against the Thunderbolts! All of that in one book? Come on! You know you want to read it now!

If you want to watch Nick Fury storm the Avengers tower single handed, them pick up Secret Warriors and see what the hell I’m talking about. Secret Warriors is easily one of the most unnoticed book on the shelves today.

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