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Robocop #1 Review

Lets get right to it; Robocop has seen better days. We all remember Robocop 3 (no matter how hard we try not to); the Batman and Robin of Robocop films. Outside of a couple of cool toys, Robocop’s been quiet these last few years. Well leave it to the folks at Dynamite Entertainment to bring back our favorite cyborg. Was it worth the wait? In a word, NO.

The story opens with our fiends at Media Break – “Give us three minutes and we’ll give you the world” bringing us up to speed on what’s going on in the world and specifically Old Detroit where the prime plot is explained as what’s going to happen to Old Detroit.(yawn!) Is this not the plot/subplot of ALL Robocop movies and comic books? But wait, the rehashing of old ideas instead of coming up with new ones continues with the introduction of the new upgraded Ed-209 (yawn, again), who looks exactly the same with the only difference being some red coloring. And why not hit the trifecta of rehashing old ideas by having the big bad OCP official be a woman with a stick up her ass who has a personality like Faxx (Robocop 2) and who looks a lot like the same character as seen in Frank Miller’s Robocop 2 book from a few years ago. The set-up is this: OCP who owns the cops, fires all the police and replaces them with the new upgraded ED-209’s, with only Robo left behind. All this to clean up old Detroit. There is a sub-plot that involves “the old man” trying to remember his plans for Old Detroit. But who cares?!
Written by Rob Williams, this book is a complete waste of time and I’m sure it takes longer to read this than it did for him to write it. The only decent thing about the book is the art handled nicely by Fabiano Neves (Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness). But not even his art can save this boring rehashed bullshit we’re supposed to accept as a story. Thanks but no thanks. Avoid this book unless you’re looking for derivative drivel.

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