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Psylocke TPB

Writer: Chris Yost

Artist: Harvey Tolibad

The X-Men’s sexy, psychic ninja is back and she has nothing but vengeance on her mind. Spinning out of Psylocke’s some what convoluted past, this tale of vengeance, death and deceit tries and succeeds to clean up her messy past while at the same time setting her up for her reintroduction to the core “X” books.

The story finds Psylocke and our favorite cigar chomping hero Wolverine on their way to Japan. One with her mind on vengeance while the others motives are uncertain. Once they’ve landed, the two go their separate ways with Psylocke going to a local cemetery were she is attacked by The Hand, a deadly ninja clan. During the battle, The Hand destroys Psylocke’s original body (she was originally a brit), this act (as well as some severe personal issues) drives our sexy ninja on a collision course with the man that switched her consciousness from her old body to the ninja assassin body we have all grown accustomed to. That mans name… Matsu’o. What follows is a lot of fighting, death and of course explosions. When the dust settles, only Matsu’o, Psylocke and Wolverine remain. With some nice twists and turns along the way and a cool revelation at the end, this is a fun read for any X-Men fan and any Psylocke fan in particular.

But wait there’s more! Thanks to Marvel realizing that some of us might not know Psylocke’s history that gets referenced constantly in the main story, they’ve included the three part story from Uncanny X-Men #256- 258 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee, which shows her transformed into The Mandarin’s new assassin and Matsu’o’s new lover. Though these issues are a little dated it’s still a fine read and I would recommend anyone who is unfamiliar with Psylocke’s past to read this three part story first.

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