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Predators Part 1 of 4

Writer(s): Marc Andreyko, David Lapham

Penciler(s): Guilherme Balbi, Gabriel Guzman

Well, we’re less than a month away from Robert Rodriguez’s vision of the Predator franchise, and I have to say from what I’ve seen that I like where things are going. And of course with a new movie comes a new comic series and as seems to be the trend; it’s a prequel that leads into the upcoming movie.

Broken down into two separate stories, the first entitled; “Welcome to the Jungle,” finds a group of mercenaries transported to a jungle were there systematically dispatched by an unseen foe. With a surprise ending, this story is by far the stronger of the two. Thankfully we only have to wait a week for the conclusion of the cliff-hanger.

The second story, “A Predatory Life”, focuses on Adrien Brody’s character Royce. To me this story’s whole purpose is to paint Royce as a true bad ass which is a bit of a hard sell. I mean come on, it’s Adrien Brody! Even in comic form he looks like a pussy. I hope he comes off better in the movie.

All and all this issue is okay, but I really only recommend this to the most die hard fan who wants to know everything leading into the movie. Everyone else might as well skip it, since none of it will impact your viewing pleasure.

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