Shop Talk Nights 146

Posted by Jonny in Podcasts, Shop Talk / January 9, 2017


Hosts: Jonny Botsch, Travis Kutt, Nick Kleinsteuber

Okay it’s a new year and holidays are over and it’s time to reveal our new evolution as well as play catch up on some episodes that haven’t been posted yet!

This is the first episode of Shop Talk Nights which is more silliness from Nick, Jonny and Travis which is different from the silliness of Shop Talk Proper hosted by Ben, Tony and Jonny. The difference is that Nights goes off on more non shop related tangents which you may noticed as the episodes have gone on. And that’s all good fun, but it had also evolved into never being at the shop and not focusing as much on shop related products and books. So tune in to Nights for more stuff about movies and whatever stupidy we decide to engage in and Shop Talk Proper for more store related topics actually recorded at the comic shop.

That should clear that up. Two crews, one show, two sides of the same devious little coin but still holding zero monetary value:) Enjoy.

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