Shop Talk 062

Posted by Jonny in Podcasts, Shop Talk / March 6, 2015

10308368_1481592375406795_5078294147080042647_nHosts: Jonny Botsch, Jordan Commandeur, Travis Kutt, Nick Kleinsteuber, Tony Albrecht

Topics this week include:

-Our TV Show Pick of the Week: Fresh Off The Boat

-Afroman punches people off his stage

-Our friend Ben has returned from Japan bringing gifts:) Happy Birthday Buddy!

-Charles Soule’s run on SheHulk comes to an end:(


-Is Clint Eastwood Hateworthy?

-Catching up on Jean-Pierre Jeunet

-Neill Blomkamp on Aliens sequel

-Thoughts on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman costume

-Comic Pick of the Week: Multiversity Master Men #1


-DC’s New Line Up looks like Marvel’s All New Now:/


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