Shop Talk 057 Robin Bougie Interview

Posted by Jonny in Interviews, Podcasts, Shop Talk / January 17, 2015

A few months ago Tony hooked us up with a friend of his. Robin Bougie has been publishing one of our favorite genre film magazines Cinema Sewer for years now and we were just lucky enough to sit down with this archivist of forgotten films and got to talk about his new book Graphic Thrills and what he’s been up to.

If you’re not familiar with Cinema Sewer and what Robin does, but you’re into obscure films, vintage pornography and extreme genre cinema, then please check out his website below and find out what you’ve been missing. Cinema Sewer is a fantastic labor of love and a wicked resource for all kinds of bizarre and cool movies. So click, link, like and give the episode a listen. Caution: Although most episodes are not child friendly due to swearing this is slightly more adult:)

It should also be noted that we did this interview in the summer and have had it burning a hole in our communal pocket for all that time because we have bandwidth limits every month and Shop Talk was filling every week steadily and we didn’t want to fall behind. Now that we have this winter break before we start up again it seemed like the perfect time to post some interviews. Hope you enjoy.

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