Guttural Frequency 046: Scaredycast Crosscast Mayhem

Posted by Jonny in Comedy, Guttural Frequency, Horror, Interviews, Podcasts / May 14, 2017


On this edition of your favorite semi premium horror podcast, we bring you the first of hopefully many cross cast. For our first big crossover we got the boys from Phoenix’s own Scaredycast joining us to chat all about the paranormal… kinda. Remember how we always seem to discuss around a subject? This is pretty much what you can expect from out episode. If you guys dig this episode, be sure to check them out at, give them a download, give them a follow. Show them some love. Alright back to business.. So.. how similar are we to them? Are we actually the same podcast from a separate timeline? Can we ever break our tangent bug?


Let’s find out.


Author: Jonny

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