Guttural Frequency 049: Drunk History… Kinda

Posted by Jonny in Comedy, Guttural Frequency, Horror, Podcasts / June 25, 2017

On this obviously sobering episode of your favorite horror podcast. We take inspiration from the show drunken history, and as usual…. it did not go as plan. From stories involving white Morgan Freeman, necrophilia to a trash baby. It’s filled with your favorite things that we do. That and I (Edison) was not drinking during the recording of this (What a surprise, right?). So you can definitely hear the disdain in my voice, because you know… I like my beverages and I can’t and…. Yeah There’s got to be a moderator or something you know? Anyways, what matters of macabre did we discuss on this episode?

Let’s find out.

Author: Jonny

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