001 The Wrestler Review

Posted by Jonny in Podcasts, Reviews / May 21, 2009


Here it is at long last, the very first episode of Fancore Pirate Radio! For our innaugural send off, we’re waxing on about Mickey Rourke‘s “The Wrestler“, a fantastic movie that hit DVD recently. There’s a bunch of analyzing and discussion between the crew here on what the movie was saying… so this is a nice litmus test for the rest of the fantastic, digressionary bullshit that we do on a regular basis. Although many of you will be coming straight off of our last podcast site, for those of you jumping on for the first time, this review will be a good intro to what we do; honest opinions, interesting insights and good times. So let’s kick it off like we do…

Author: Jonny


  • Mark Bailey June 5, 2009 in 3:07 am

    This is a independent movie by Daren Aronofsky, done with very little money, a spec of dust off the ass of terminhater. very well done, I think Micky kind of sold the movie though. if mel brooks directed it; it would have been better. yeah lets make a wrestling movie with the same feel as pi, the part went he’s singing RATT was the high point.Do you like indie films, I gave you a link to my movie today, and you can’t even bothered, you’ve seen it all jonny.. lets face it you jaded.

  • Mark Bailey June 6, 2009 in 4:59 am


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