A Very Guttural Christmas

Posted by Jonny in Guttural Frequency, Horror, Podcasts / December 21, 2015

We invite you to curl up, turn on that channel that has the fire log on it and to listen to our very special Christmas episode!  We have a cup or twelve of some cheer with special guest star Maxine Frank and talk about some of our favorite Yuletide Horror flicks, as well as get into some pretty spooky Holiday myths.  If you thought the Krampus was the only Kreep, just wait till you hear about some of these other creatures.

So unwrap this extra long, and completely uncut present.

General Trigger warning involving a certain snowman using his carrot in a very unorthodox way.

1st interlude: Silent Night, Unholy Night by The Nimon

2nd interlude: Drinking the Nog by The Nimon


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