038 Alex Milne Interview!

Posted by Jonny in Interviews, Podcasts / March 10, 2010

Sitting down with Alex Milne before the Hollywood North Expo 2010, I had a chance to find out all about the fan favorite Transformers artist. We shoot the shit about everything including his time at Dreamwave, his art style, favorite toys, hobbies, his unfinished works or unpublished stories for the Transformers universes and his thoughts on which animated Batman voice is the best.

With his work on Energon, Reign of Starscream, Revenge of the Fallen, Tales of the Fallen and various covers and Spotlight issues; Milne has cemented his place in the pantheon of TF fan favorites. If you’d like to follow him on deviant art, you can find his work here

This is our first full length video interview and it has some pretty sweet additions to the file as you’ll see as you watch. At the end is also an additional video of Alex composing a full color sketch of Prime from beginning to end. Outstanding!

This is it people, the ultimate one stop Alex Milne extravaganza! Past, present and only hints at what’s next! For every Transformer fan worth his weight in energon, this interview is a must have to add to the collective knowledge of all things TF!

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    wanted to go to that didn’t have time

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