027 Slasher Remakes

Posted by Jonny in Horror, Podcasts / October 30, 2009


On the eve of Halloween night, we’ve set up one last batch of treats for you dear listeners. Since the eighties, the slasher movie has been a quintessential part of the horror genre in movies. Whether you like the nubile ladies running for their lives and kicking ass, or the killers whose pokey implements almost always find their intended targets, slashers have been made and remade and ripped off and nicely homages over the years.

Whatever the rhyme or reason for it, the last five years have seen a gaggle of remakes coming out of the woodwork for classic slasher of the seventies and eighties. We’ll compare the original to the new version and try and impart some knowledge as to why either might be worth watching or where they went horribly wrong, as is the case with some. We’ll discuss Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Black Christmas, My Bloody Valentine, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Prom Night, When A Stranger Calls, Sorority Row and Psycho.

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  • Abe Froman October 30, 2009 in 9:54 pm

    Where’s the download link?

  • Jonny (author) October 31, 2009 in 3:21 am

    Sorry. That was weird. But all fixed now.

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