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Posted by Jonny in Horror, Podcasts, Reviews / July 20, 2009


This week, as a precursor to the impending Halloween season, we decided to explore Werewolf movies. What? Halloween’s too far away? Hell, we only do about one of these things a week! That means only four horror related podcasts? I think not! And shame on you for even suggesting such a thing. We’ll be doing more horror related podcasts all year, but you’ll definitely be seeing more as we head toward October.

Of course part of the inspiration for this episode is also the upcoming and seemingly forever delayed Wolfman remake starring Benicio Del Toro. We’ll be talking about what’s going on with his movie as well.

So we cover all the highlights of the lupine flicks. We talk about the mythology, the rules, the best and the worst of the different eras and decades of the wolf movies. What makes a good werewolf movie? You’ll just have to tune in to find out I guess…

So we’re talking about An American Werewolf In London, Wolfman, Ginger Snaps, Underworld, Silver Bullet, Dog Soldiers, etc… It’s a veritable cornicopia of wolf movies!

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