10 Dec. 2013

Shop Talk 004

J-Bo, K-Stu and T-Kutty jamming on video games, Fast and Furious Paul Walker type stuff, Witcher 2. We spend some time discussing the topic of writing and storytelling in our video game experiences and which games did it best. And finally our pick of the week for comics; Green Arrow. Find out why with a …

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01 Dec. 2013

Shop Talk 003

In the shop this week we cover all kinds of strange and interconnected topic as way leads to way and chit chat video games, Kanye West and how irrelevant he is, what stand up comedians people are watching and why. We talk about the ending of Infinity, but we left it to the end so …

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29 Nov. 2013

The Croods

A star studded cast of voice actors helps to make this CG movie a little more fun than the bare bones of its plot mechanics alone. Emma Stone is perfect casting as Eep; a young cave woman whose family must come to terms with the changing world around them and try to evolve like her …

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25 Nov. 2013

Shop Talk 002

Last week we covered all that is going on for Marvel in the world of Television and movies so this week we tried to tackle the distinguished competition but we couldn’t completely escape Marvel. Still, we talk about the direction of Arrow now that season two is starting, Man of Steel and the gaggle of …

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22 Nov. 2013

Trolling for Trailers: RoboCop

There’s a lot of controversy around the new RoboCop reboot, and for good reason; the original is a classic. But this newest trailer has me really anticipating this new incarnation. I know that’s going to ruffle some feathers, but hear me out; this is not replacing the classic RoboCop, the REAL RoboCop. Not by a …

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20 Nov. 2013

Shop Talk 001

New section of the site after a hiatus is going to be Shop Talk. We’ll be trying to do one of these a week for the next little while where we just set up the podcast in the comic shop and just record whatever is the topic of the day, whatever people are talking about, …

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19 Jun. 2012

Batman: Court of Owls HC Vol.1

Secret societies, elite assassins and conspiracies… it sounds like a Dan Brown novel, but in this case it’s actually the center of the new Batman series and these are the first seven issues that launch Bats into the new 52! Writer Scott Snyder is fast becoming one of DC’s biggest guns with his history steeped …

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11 Jun. 2012

Fancore Has Been Bootlegged!

Short story; This Sunday I get a text from a friend telling me that the local Asian DVD Kiosk has got copies of the Raid: Redemption for sale. Naturally I plan my relaxed Sunday afternoon around this event, pick it up (as well as the second Ip Man movie) and as I’m sitting in the …

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Any Empire HC
08 Jun. 2012

Any Empire HC

Both nostalgic and haunting, Nate Powell’s slice of American life shows us the fragility of youth and the pain of losing our innocence. Despite it’s thickness, the pages can be turned with lightning speed due to the sparse dialogue -some of which are literally and intentionally unintelligible scribbles, (the way you only half hear things …

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