The Final Word On: District 9

It Freakin” Rocks! This is it for sci-fi movies for a while, man. Michael Bay are you listening? This is how you do Transformers! I loved Iron man, but even the Iron-team should take some notes before finishing their sequel. That is just how great this movie is. Now, I”m not normally a fan of…

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010 Inglourious Basterds Review

After being treated to a special screening of Quentin Tarantino‘s newest cinematic endeavor, topped off with an appearance by none other than Eli Roth, director of Cabin Fever and the Hostel movies and star of the flick, (he plays “the Bear Jew”) we had to sit down and talk shop about the movie. Everyone is…

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009 John Hughes Reviews

As of August 06, 2009 film writer/director John Hughes passed away. His films meant so much to so many and he will be missed. Rovin and I decided to talk about some of the lesser known Hughes projects. Many of these films of course you’ll have heard of, but many John Hughes movies are unknown…

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008 Green Lantern

With the Blackest Night upon us this summer and a GL movie having been green lit (no pun intended), it seemed only fitting that we sit down and talk about the world’s favorite ring slinger. There has been so much happening surrounding him in the last five years and now with all of Hollywood turning…

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Knowing Is Half the Battle

Right before the new summer blockbuster drops, there have been some seriously disgusting events that have transpired near enough to my person, that I feel it necessary to start this new feature. This will be the first of many missives that I type out onto the site, all of which will be available under the…

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007 The Wolf Cast

This week, as a precursor to the impending Halloween season, we decided to explore Werewolf movies. What? Halloween’s too far away? Hell, we only do about one of these things a week! That means only four horror related podcasts? I think not! And shame on you for even suggesting such a thing. We’ll be doing…

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006 Ong Bak 2 Review

Following our review of Chocolate and the female Tony Jaa that leads the film, it seemed only good timing to take a look at what the original Thai sensation has been up to. His new movie, a sequel to his first North American success has some intriguing issues attached to it. While elbows and knees…

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005 Chocolate Review

Hot on the heels of Thai sensation Tony Jaa, JeeJa Yanin stomps her way to the forefront of action cinema using only her elbows and knees! Using Jaa as inspiration in the film and his crew of movie makers in real life, Yanin defies all expectation and soars above and beyond what any spectator could…

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