Trolling For Trailers: Black Dynamite

Black Dynamite is almost here baby! And you know you gotta get down to a theater on October 16th to see it with your own eyes! With all the flavor of Grindhouse, only looking even more authentic, Black Dynamite rolls with the greats of the seventies Blaxploitation cinema! It’s got you thinking about Shaft, it…

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The Final Word On: Rambo Vs. Predator

With new sequels in the works for both franchise, one wonders what they’ll end up becoming. With series like Lethal Weapon the films steadily degraded into weak mush, fun for the whole family. Both Indiana Jones and Die Hard took pretty hard falls I’m their last incarnations, seemingly losing sight of the flavor that made…

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017 Dead Snow Review

When Nazi Zombies meet a bunch of Norwegians in an icy and secluded cabin, there is much hilarity and the spilling of oh so many guts, sir! With the flavor of Evil Dead and the buckets of blood thrown on screen, Dead Snow is just a fun freaking movie. So check it out as soon…

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016 David Kaye Interview

If you’re asking yourself who is David Kaye right now, you don’t know your ass from your elbow! If you’re any kind of animation fan worth your salt, you’ll know David as the voice of Optimus Prime from the newest Transformers Animated series or any number of Megatrons including Beast Wars (arguably the best by…

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Trolling for Trailers: RoboGeisha

Everyone must watch this sweet trailer for one of the most sex-nuts and retard strong movies we’re ever likely to see! From the same crews as Machine Girl and Tokyo Gore Police comes more insanity than you could shake a stick at! In the first two movies you get to see hardcore violence in its…

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015 Sorority Row Interviews

We got-em all! Although Sorority Row premiered a week ago, we went the distance to get you interview clips from the stars and the director of the film. That’s right, not one single interview, but clips from multiple interviews! Who’s got yer back, right? Briana Evigan talks about her next movie Mother’s Day, Leah Pipes…

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Trolling for Trailers: Paranormal Activity

I’m a sucker for paranormal investigation. Maybe it was growing up with Ghostbusters as one of my favorite movies, but the idea of ghosts and spirits fascinates me. Now I’m not talking Ghost Hunters or that kids show where the teenagers walk around cemetaries with flashlights. I’m talking REAL paranormal investigation, and I know Dan…

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014 Fangcore The Vam-pirate Radio

Lions and Tigers and Vampires, oh my! This week we try to pin down some classic vampire movies, from some well known to hopefully some unknown, fun and cool flicks. Mike and Rovin join me, each picking three personal choices to share with you. We also talk about the newest kid on the block; Let…

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine DVD Review

The GOOD X-men Origins: Wolverine is a well paced movie that doesn’t really ever get boring. Unfortunately it doesn’t ever really get exciting either. One thing I did like however was that all the mutants in this movie were just that. Mutants. No superheroes or super villains. No costumes, tights or capes. They’re just good…

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