Pirate Radio 004 RZA Flixx

Host: Jonny Botsch Episode four was an epic struggle to try and whittle down the massive amount of material of the Abbott of the Wu into an hour and was met with mediocre success. Running at an hour and fifteen I didn’t quite hit the mark but what I lost in obtained and self imposed…

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Pirate Radio 003 Blaxploitation Hip Hop Connection

Host: Jonny Botsch In this, the third episode of our pirate radio series we’ll take a look at how the music of Blaxploitation movies from the seventies directly influenced hip hop music through their use of samples. From Snoop Dogg to Dr. Dre, an entire generation of rap stars and hip hop pioneers grew up…

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Pirate Radio 002 John Carpenter

    Just in time for Halloween we bring you horror maestro John Carpenter and the chilling sounds that bring his movies to life. Carpenter has scored most of his own films and in this episode we move chronologically through his body of work establishing his style and some of the ways he”s influenced online…

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Pirate Radio 001 James Bond

Welcome to the first episode of our Pirate Radio episodes! Each week during our six week haitus we”ll nbso online casino reviews be covering a different subject in the world of music and movies and such hosted by Jonny with occasional guest excerpts. This week enjoy the music of James Bond:)

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Shop Talk Episode 100

Hosts: Jonny Botsch, Nick Kleinsteuber, Travis Kutt This is it peoples! Shop Talk is officially in the triple digits! We end our “season one” run with a special episode for all of our loyal listeners. Prepare your earholes for a two and half hour extravaganza commentary of the Michael Bay masterpiece Transformers: Revenge of the…

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Guttural Utterance: The Smiling Girl and Other Stories.

Guttural Utterance is going to be a series of in between episodes where we read you some of our favorite Creepypasta and short horror fiction stories. ┬áIt will not be replacing our full length episodes in any way, best online casino it”s just an extra way we”d like to say thank you for your support…

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Shop Talk 099

Hosts: Nick Kleinsteuber, Jonny Botsch, Travis Kutt -We made it! 99 Episodes! WooHoo! So we reminisce of all the good times, the less than good times, the quite frankly bad times… thank god there weren’t many of those. Favorite episodes, highlights, etc. -Jonny’s Book Pick of the Week: Cinema Sewer TPB Vol.5 -Travis finally saw…

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Shop Talk 098

Hosts: Jonny Botsch, Tony Albrecht, Travis Kutt -Wes Craven Career Retrospective -Jonny’s Pick of the Week: Rue Morgue’s Horrorwood North -Babadook talk -Eli Roth a man of only one kind of movie apparently -Affleck you da bomb in Phantoms yo! -“The Batman” retrospective

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Shop Talk 097

Hosts: Travis Kutt, Jonny Botsch, Nick Kleinsteuber -Key and Peele Gremlins sketch, go see it! -Will Smith career advice. You’re welcome:) -Christian Slater’s Gleaming the Cube -Stan Lee’s Mutants Marvels and Monsters -Jonny’s Movie Pick of the Week: Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead -Rick and Morty Season 2 -What is an exclusive and why are…

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