12 Mar. 2014

Shop Talk 015

Episode fifteen opens with a mid season True Detective discussion which devolves into an almost equally interesting but unrelated talk time on rodent removal. We argue over who is the more likable character; Rust Cole or Marty? Being caveman-esque men we also set aside some time to discuss Alexandra Daddario’s physical attributes and their genuine …

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05 Mar. 2014

Shop Talk 014

This week Tony wears pink to stop bullying and gets picked on by Jonny, Travis and Nick. So the first ten minutes becomes a discussion of bullying. Nick then shares some his treasures he saved from his time in Japan; Bearbricks and oversized Kreons. Tony and Nick trade travel stories to Japan and the dangers …

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01 Mar. 2014

Shop Talk 013

Jonny, Tony, Nick and Travis are at the table. This week we cover Toy Fair reveals, the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer that was released and William Fichtner cast as Shredder in Michael bay’s TMNT movie. A brief discussion of contemporary music track in video games breaks out. Transformers 4 with dinosaurs is on the …

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20 Feb. 2014

Shop Talk 012

With a strange twist of fate leading to three different schedule changes and two of our hosts unavailable this week, Jonny and Travis invite Tony Albrecht and Chris Sukkau who happen to be in the shop to the show and we decide to talk Lego for a quick half hour. And what better time? The …

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15 Feb. 2014

Shop Talk 011

Travis, K-Stu and Jonny rock the talk this week post Superbowl and chit chat about all the half time hooplah; Bruno Mars, the Seinfeld reunion, Red Hot Chili Syncers and Transformers 4 sneak peak. The DMX/Zimmerman boxing match before it was canceled by the frightened promoter. In Jonny’s reading pile for the week starts with …

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07 Feb. 2014

Shop Talk 010

Ten episodes already! And this week is the mother of all podcasts and we went off the rails! So much so that this week’s episode is two and a half hours! Don’t worry though, not everything will appeal to every listener, so to help you navigate and let you skip the topics of conversation you …

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03 Feb. 2014

Thunderbolts Annual #1

Conventional storytelling on TV has evolved from single episode stories in the eighties to more complex season long, and in some cases show enduring plots than employ deeper characters and rich relationships that you see in almost any show you tube into nowadays. The medium of comics has evolved in a similar fashion. Where once …

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01 Feb. 2014

Force of Execution

One of the more entertaining of Steven Seagal’s DTV era productions due to it’s varied range of genre and cast. Rather than the usual Seagal fare of CIA guy who is the shadowing one man army against his foes with bored an monotone deliveries of uninspired dialogue, this flick has the chop sockey Aikido master …

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31 Jan. 2014

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1

  If you’re a fan of Firefly and the Serenity movie then you know there just simply isn’t enough of it to go around. There have been only three other comic books that have come out and every dyed-in-the-wool Firefly fan has them and was slightly disappointed. They weren’t bad, but they didn’t give us …

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