Lost: S.6 Ep.8 Ab Aeterno

 So let me start with a mini review of last weeks episode “Recon.” It sucked…by far the worst episode of the year. With only a couple of things worth mentioning, namely how boring/stupid Sawyers flash side ways was. And though it was nice to see Charlotte again, were the hell is Juliet? Though special shout…

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Wrong Side of Town

Between the wafer thin plot and Rob Van Dam“s mortifying one liners, the only redeeming feature of Wrong Side of Town is the opening credit sequence. A poor man”s James Bond music video montage of hot chicks and guns, champagne bottles and smoke trails; these four minutes are easily the most dynamic and visually interesting…

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Nextwave Ultimate Collection TPB

There simply aren’t enough good things I can say about this great comic. Masterfully written by Warren Ellis with awesome cartoon styled artwork by Stuart Immonen, this book is one part comedy, one part action adventure and all parts awesome. So what is Nextwave? Well, Nextwave is a team of obscure superheroes from all across…

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