DVD Vault: Gamer

Reviewed By: Kevin Rowland So, this past weekend I sat down and I watched Gamer. Now to be fair, I didn”t know what to expect from this movie, so I came in with no bias what so ever. After all, the premise sounded kind of cool… In the near future people can control other living…

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DVD Vault: The Skeptic

Brian Beckett (Tim Daly) is a seemingly unemotional man.  A sarcastic and arrogant man by nature, he also happens to a lawyer.  In the process of divorcing his wife, Beckett decides to move into his recently deceased aunt’s house which he just inherited.  Believing that his saintly aunt had been hiding a secret within that…

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The Final Word On: Paul Dini's Batman

As one of the key writers, if not the main guy on Batman: the Animated Series, Paul Dini will always hold a revered place in the hearts of all Batman fans. With the TV show having been over for over a decade, Dini has been giving Bat-fans their fix in the pages of Detective Comics….

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Theatrical: The Road

Well, they did it! Someone finally made the perfect adaptation of the hit comic series, “the Walking Dead“. The only problem was they forgot the zombies! The dark and desolate tones are a perfect match, right down to the hopeless predicaments and corrosive morale. Of course, it isn’t actually an adaptation of the comic at…

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030 Josh Olson Interview

With our warm up round out of the way, we decided to dig a little deeper into this madman, this crazy wordsmith assassin they call Josh Olson. After losing our first interview, which you can read all about here, Josh was kind enough to give us more of his time. (Although we have a sneaking…

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Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai HC

Stan Sakai has been writing, drawing, inking and lettering Usagi for twenty-five years now, and to celebrate a quarter of a century of Samurai rabbit stories he’s created something truly special. Yokai is an original graphic novel presented in an extremely slick hard cover format that has been %100 water colored by Sakai; a first…

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