The Final Word On: The Josh Olson Interview

Beneath is an article that was written for reasons that will become clear once you’ve read it. As it turns out, we got another chance to interview Josh and so you should for that coming up soon. Until then, read on and get a sneak preview of sorts: Sometimes every little nuance of your day…

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DVD Vault: The Face Is Familiar

For many movie maniacs “the Face is Familiar“, is a great shout out to hard-working underdog character actors that we’ve already known about and have been following, but not everybody is a Quentin Tarantino-like encyclopedic enthusiast for film. For most people, when you move past the Brad Pitts and Jennifer Lopez types, the rest of…

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Trolling For Trailers: Book of Eli

A bad-ass Denzel Washington is a special thing. Now, I’m not talking about Training Day. That was a comic book villain and it was fun but silly. I’m talking Man on Fire Denzel. There is no room for feelings and smiles, this is all about getting shit done, no questions and no cute winks to…

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DVD Vault: Battle of the Warriors

Originally titled “Battle of Wits”, this Dragon Dynasty release has been renamed and is just a good flick, plain and simple. It may not be as flashy as Hero or get as much attention as Crouching Tiger, but Battle has a clear story, characters and touches on some philosophy as well. This takes place in…

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DVD Vault: Black Devil Doll

Easily one of the most offensive and poorly made movies to grace my collection is also one of the most enjoyable and hilarious. The most simple way to explain Black Devil Doll is to say that it combines Chucky (the Child’s Play movies) with Blaxploitation cinema but only cost ten thousand dollars to make. The…

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029 Chase Masterson Interview

Everyone remembers Chase as Leeta on a little show called Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She was very endearing and charming as Rom’s wife and always a pleasure to see on screen. Well it was a real thrill to find out that those qualities derive themselves from her real personality. While prepping for this interview,…

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DVD Vault: Star Trek

It’s the eleventh Star Trek film and we’re back to the old crew but with new faces. Its reboot time, baby! If you need a franchise fixed, look no further than TV wunderkind J.J. Abrams. After making the third Mission Impossible a surprising success and an even more surprisingly entertaining movie, Paramount Pictures hires him…

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DVD Vault: Doctor Who: Black Guardian Trilogy

Another trilogy of old school Who, featuring Peter Davidson as the doctor hits stores this Christmas. Dubbed “the Black Guardian Trilogy“, the trinity of adventures start with the introduction of a new companion for the Doctor. Seemingly a sneaky schoolboy, this young man has an evil agenda; co-opted by the Black Guardian, he must kill…

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