Star Trek Deep Space Nine #3

So I’m back to review more DS9 and I could not be happier. ***Spoiler Alert*** With more and more people showing up to the station to find clues to the mystery treasure, it’s finally revealed; a cache of spoils hidden away during the Bajoran occupation by a low level Cardassian administrator. With things getting out…

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Lost S6 Ep.6 Dr Linus

Napoleon Dynamite Welcome all to another week of lost goodness. This episode starts of fast and furious with Ben first catching up with the remainder of the group on the island. Then flashing sideways to catch up with are favourite teacher talking to his class about another short power hungry leader in Napoleon. The similarities…

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038 Alex Milne Interview!

Sitting down with Alex Milne before the Hollywood North Expo 2010, I had a chance to find out all about the fan favorite Transformers artist. We shoot the shit about everything including his time at Dreamwave, his art style, favorite toys, hobbies, his unfinished works or unpublished stories for the Transformers universes and his thoughts…

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