043 Machete Review

20 Oct. 2009

023 Ninja Assassin Review

The end all, be all of Ninja movies or the next dud thrown into the waste paper basket along side Speed Racer and the “Benifer” flicks? Ninja Assassin has so much potential it isn’t even funny! You’ve got the director of V for Vendetta with a budget allowed by the Wachowski Brothers and you’re going …

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20 Oct. 2009

On The Driveway: Paranormal Activity

Paramount Pictures and director Oren Peli bring us one of the scariest movies…er, films ever in Paranormal Activity. An incredibly frightening experience one should make every effort to watch while it’s still playing in the theatres. It truly will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will have trouble sleeping. You will believe the hype. …

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17 Oct. 2009

DVD Vault: Undisputed II

Undisputed II: Last Man Standing Viewed as a direct sequel to Walter Hill‘s prison/boxing movie, Undisputed II is something of a disappointment. But as a vehicle for Michael Jai White as an action star, the movie is pretty good. We’ll have to put aside the fact that “Last Man Standing” is another of Walter Hill‘s …

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16 Oct. 2009

022 Kristen Bell On Astro Boy

Super fast and quick, this episode is a short one, but like we do at Fancore; we’re just gonna drop in and kick some knowledge at you on Astro Boy and a bunch of stuff that Kristen Bell has coming up. Not only that, sir! Not only that, but we’re gonna hear it from her …

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15 Oct. 2009

Trolling For Trailers: Double Feature

We’ve actually been avoiding any coverage of this movie even though everyone at Fancore is pretty freaking stoked about its release. Why? Well that will explain our second trailer. Director of Boondock Saints and now the sequel, Troy Duffy is a complete douche bag! I don’t care how he would like to spin it, but …

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13 Oct. 2009

DVD Vault: Superman/Batman:Public Enemies

Public Enemies the comic, was a six issue story arc that kicked off the Superman/Batman series in 2003 and has since been collected in trade paperback. Written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated in musclebound cartoony glory by Ed McGuinness, this epic featured the World’s Finest pitted against U.S. President Lex Luthor and an enormous roster of DC …

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11 Oct. 2009

The Final Word On: Crappy Trailers

The following trailer for the Stepfather remake is a perfect example of how not to cut a preview if you had any intention of getting viewers into theatres to watch your movie. A movie trailer should be just enough of the film’s flavor to wet your appetite to see it. You should not be giving …

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10 Oct. 2009

021 Red Cliff 2 Review

Months ago, Sean Yang and I sat down to discuss the second part of John Woo‘s Three kingdoms epic. Now on the eve of the release of the North American edit into theatres, it seems like the right time to unleash this review.We hold nothing back in our criticism or our praise, so you’ll get, …

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09 Oct. 2009

Trolling For Trailers: TURBO

Short films are something that most people overlook these days. Unless you’re going out of your way, you’re unlikely to discover most of these hidden gems. Thankfully, I caught wind of this great short film, TURBO. Described by the film’s director, Jarret Lee Conway, as a “short film in the tradition of the Karate Kid …

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