18 Nov. 2009

DVD Vault: Doctor Who: Black Guardian Trilogy

Another trilogy of old school Who, featuring Peter Davidson as the doctor hits stores this Christmas. Dubbed “the Black Guardian Trilogy“, the trinity of adventures start with the introduction of a new companion for the Doctor. Seemingly a sneaky schoolboy, this young man has an evil agenda; co-opted by the Black Guardian, he must kill …

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12 Nov. 2009

Asterix 50th Anniversary

Asterix.com spills the beans on the birthday boy’s newest book. Check it out: “In commemoration of Asterix‘s 50th birthday, born on 29 October 1959 in the pages of the very first issue of the weekly magazine Pilote, Albert Uderzo has come up with an exceptional gift to pay homage to his heroes and to the …

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11 Nov. 2009

DVD Vault-The Echo

Yet another entry into the Asian horror/American remake category, The Echo has one distinction that sets it apart from the rest of its Far East brethren. It was adapted from the movie Sigaw (2004), making it the first Filipino film to get an American remake. Yes, they actually have their own film industry. Who knew? …

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10 Nov. 2009

DVD Vault: G.I. Joe Resolute

This is exactly what G.I. Joe fans were waiting for. This is G.I. Joe for grown-ups. With respect to Stephen Sommers and his worthy live action blockbuster, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra didn’t quite bring the same “fan satisfaction” that G.I. Joe: Resolute brought. While Rise of Cobra was a good enough translation of the …

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07 Nov. 2009

028 K-20 Review

The real brilliance of K20 isn’t found in it’s special effects or acting or cinematography or score, all of which are worth any accolades given. No, the real genius behind this film is simply the setting and premise. Sure you need to pull off these ideas with success, but the When Heikichi Endo is set …

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06 Nov. 2009

On The Driveway: The Box

With The Box, Richard Kelly, director of the questionably celebrated cult classic Donnie Darko, offers us an adaptation of a 1980’s Twilight Zone episode, originally adapted from the short story Button, Button, written by Richard Matheson. A period film taking place in Virginia 1976, Norma (Cameron Diaz) and Arthur (James Marsden) are a seemingly happy …

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05 Nov. 2009

DVD Vault: The Lost Continent

I know people usually think of vampires and castles when you start talking about Hammer horror, but Christopher Lee‘s auspicious presence isn’t a prerequisite for every title in Hammer’s catalog. So without Chris Lee what are we going to be watching? How about a dark and ill fated freighter with a motley crew of passengers …

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04 Nov. 2009

DVD Vault: Watchmen-The Ultimate Cut

I’m a fan of the Watchmen comic. Fans of the book, like me, know if the movie was good or not. I mean, come on! Who is this movie for if not for us loyal and devoted fans? You know the ones who’ve read and reread, multiple times, this groundbreaking masterwork. Delving into the superbly …

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