Highlight of the Week: 02

Alright, last time I did one of these highlights of the week, we took a look at a hot chick holding a giant gun. (By the way, we’ll not be accepting any comments of a Freudian nature from the smart asses in the audience tonight!) This week is another well endowed girl, this time from…

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Dark Wolverine Vol.1 TPB

Well being a huge Wolverine fan, (and really, who isn’t?) I was more than happy to read and review a trade that features Canada’s number one super hero. Unfortunately, Wolverine is not the prominent figure in this trade; rather his son Daken is, but don’t let that deter you, for this is a good read….

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Lost S6 Ep.5 Lighthouse

Welcome back fellow Losties. Sorry for the late review I kinda got caught up in the hole Russia vs. Canada Hockey game the other night. But Now I’m back so lets get to it shall we. Jack has a what? So this week were treated to a Jack-centric episode which opens in SLU (safe landing…

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037 Cop Out Review

What’s Kevin Smith‘s new movie like? Is it as bad as the trailers might suggest? Although most Fancore staff are avid fans of 30 Rock and the luscious Liz Lemon, sometimes, believe it or not, Tracy Morgan can be a comedic dud. Bruce Willis has comedic chops, but can also give you a “what-the-fuck-was-he-thinking” moment,…

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