Batman: Under the Cowl TPB

Given Bruce Wayne’s death and subsequent absence from current events in the DCU, given that it’s now Dick Grayson in the tights, and taking into account this little identity shift under the cowl; it makes complete sense that DC has released this new collection of stories all focusing on someone else standing in for Bruce…

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Highlight of a Random Week: 01

Just released is a beautiful candy-resin statue of Seras from the animated series Hellsing. I’m not a fan of the series by any stretch, (not because I don’t like, but simply because I haven’t seen it) but I can still appreciate a piece of art. This is a stunning sculpt in 1/7th scale and standing…

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The Chill HC

I’ll admit it, when I think “Vertigo Crime“, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely not Celtic magic. Be that as it may, the Chill perfectly blends the police procedural with mystical forces in the city of Boston. (Where better?) Severed heads and the bodies they were once attached to start popping up…

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Kevin Smith Interview on Green Hornet

In May 2008, Dynamite Entertainment President and Publisher Nick Barrucci announced that filmmaker/writer Kevin Smith (Clerks) would pen the all-new adventures of the legendary Green Hornet. Not surprisingly, Smith’s name has been attached to comic book-inspired movies numerous times in his career, including a big screen version of The Green Hornet for Miramax that never…

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