Star Trek: Nero Review

Well there’s no doubt that most of us would agree that J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” was a good movie. I also think people who have read Star Trek: Countdown can agree to how good of a read it is. So can this new universe go three for three? Well unfortunately, this one is a swing…

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Lost S.6 Ep.5 Sundown

Well it’s been another week of Lost and the fists were truly flying this week. Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting So this week’s episode starts off with the best fight so far in Lost history (narrowly beating out Sayid and Keamy’s little bout in season 4). And though Dogen wins in the end, he cant…

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Highlight of the Week: 02

Alright, last time I did one of these highlights of the week, we took a look at a hot chick holding a giant gun. (By the way, we’ll not be accepting any comments of a Freudian nature from the smart asses in the audience tonight!) This week is another well endowed girl, this time from…

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