043 Machete Review

29 Oct. 2009

DVD Vault: Zombie Self Defense Force

The trailers of other films from Switchblade Pictures preceding Zombie Self Defence Force gave me a bad feeling. Movies with titles like Attack Girls’ Swim Team Versus the Undead might sound like instant classics, but the previews that followed looked like they were made using cheap home movie cameras from the 80s. Realizing the trailers …

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28 Oct. 2009

026 Killer Animal Overview

From Jaws to Snakes on a Plane, animals have been used as threatening icons of horror. Sure, Most Valuable Primate is a cute and cuddly monkey and Lassie had everyone crying, but animals can be as deadly as they can adorable. Before Edgar Allan Poe put a Raven in a poem, people hunted and killed …

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26 Oct. 2009

DVD Vault: Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

The entire franchise of the Wrong Turn movies is based on the classic Deliverance; wander off into the woods and you might be raped by some inbred yokels. Of course there are other movies the franchise owes a debt to. Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Hills Have Eyes are two other movies that also occupy …

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25 Oct. 2009

025 Top 5 Horror Babes

You might want a heavy helping of blood with your guts when you watch your horror flicks, you may wish to be psychologically diddled by the creepy and the twisted, you might even want to see a clown gang raped by a group of inbred freaks (ours is not to question why or to judge), …

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24 Oct. 2009

Trolling For Trailers: Lucky Luke

Now I don’t know how many of you read Lucky Luke as a kid as there weren’t too many volumes released in English (maybe 10?) but those of you raised on Asterix and TinTin may have heard of him. He’s a wandering cowboy hero in the old west, rides his (sometimes) talking horse Jolly Jumper …

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23 Oct. 2009

The Final Word On: the Anticipating Super-Fan

As many of you may already know, it’s been announced that veteran film maker David Cronenberg is slated to direct the next Ghost Rider movie. Nick Cage will be returning and they’re supposedly using the unused script David Goyer wrote for the first movie. Obviously, they can’t do worse than Mark Steven Johnson‘s offering, but …

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22 Oct. 2009

024 Severed Hand Review

While most people wouldn’t think of a severed limb as a treat for the holidays, this is Halloween, baby! And we go out in style for the nights of darkness and while many of you sad PC lurkers might think of your right hand as your best friend on those long, lonely nights, in horror …

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21 Oct. 2009

DVD Vault: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

A.K.A. GUILT FREE PLAESURES-Part 3 The last time Michael Bay directed a sequel was Bad Boys II starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The difference between the first Bad Boys and its subsequent follow up is very similar to what Revenge of the Fallen is to Transformers, the first “Giant Fuckin’ Robot” film he directed …

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20 Oct. 2009

Trolling for Trailers: Reboot REBOOT!

No…that’s not a typo! At the risk of sounding redundant, it’s true! Reboot is getting a reboot! Fans of the popular Canadian Computer Animated series will know that the show follows Guardian Bob and his cohorts, as they fight the User in Games to protect their home, Mainframe! Well, it looks like Rainmaker, who now …

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