06 Nov. 2009

On The Driveway: The Box

With The Box, Richard Kelly, director of the questionably celebrated cult classic Donnie Darko, offers us an adaptation of a 1980’s Twilight Zone episode, originally adapted from the short story Button, Button, written by Richard Matheson. A period film taking place in Virginia 1976, Norma (Cameron Diaz) and Arthur (James Marsden) are a seemingly happy …

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05 Nov. 2009

DVD Vault: The Lost Continent

I know people usually think of vampires and castles when you start talking about Hammer horror, but Christopher Lee‘s auspicious presence isn’t a prerequisite for every title in Hammer’s catalog. So without Chris Lee what are we going to be watching? How about a dark and ill fated freighter with a motley crew of passengers …

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04 Nov. 2009

DVD Vault: Watchmen-The Ultimate Cut

I’m a fan of the Watchmen comic. Fans of the book, like me, know if the movie was good or not. I mean, come on! Who is this movie for if not for us loyal and devoted fans? You know the ones who’ve read and reread, multiple times, this groundbreaking masterwork. Delving into the superbly …

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03 Nov. 2009

DVD Vault: G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra

Part James Bond and part Fast and Furious, this movie is every bit as corny and silly as you’d expect. I mean who could watch the cartoon series from the eighties and seriously expect a dark and hard edged movie? This movie is every bit the Saturday morning cereal fodder it’s predessesor was. Still, this …

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02 Nov. 2009

DVD Vault: Telefon

Happy Birthday Charles Bronson: November 03, 1921 Outside of Clint Eastwood and Steve McQueen, you be hard pressed to find anyone as cool as Charlie Bronson. Whether you’re engrossed in his enigmatic “harmonica” character in the epic Sergio Leone western, “Once Upon a Time in the West” or Bernardo O’Reilly from the classic “Magnificient Seven“, …

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01 Nov. 2009

The Final Word On: Umbrella Academy: Dallas

For me to sit here and try to sum up the contents of this wonderful book would seem to me, a very foolish endeavor. I couldn’t possibly do the book the justice that it deserves. I’m sure I’d stumble over the many character arcs, plot devices, evolutions and brilliance and end up making a mess …

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31 Oct. 2009

DVD Vault: Blood: the Last Vampire

For Blood: the Last Vampire, it’s all about hits and misses. The concept of a 1950′s martial arts, half vampire that hunts demons for the government; cool. CG monsters; bad. Fight scenes; cool. Narrative storyline; iffy. Cinematography; cool. Characters; lame and the performances are worse. Production value is certainly there on screen and the movie …

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31 Oct. 2009

Blacksad Comes To Darkhorse!

Although I haven’t actually read Blacksad yet, (due in large part to no current printings in North America) I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for an affordable copy online. So imagine my surprise when Darkhorse announced their new hardcover due in stores March 24th. Blacksad is a noir styled graphic novel from Juan Diaz Canales …

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30 Oct. 2009

027 Slasher Remakes

On the eve of Halloween night, we’ve set up one last batch of treats for you dear listeners. Since the eighties, the slasher movie has been a quintessential part of the horror genre in movies. Whether you like the nubile ladies running for their lives and kicking ass, or the killers whose pokey implements almost …

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29 Oct. 2009

DVD Vault: Zombie Self Defense Force

The trailers of other films from Switchblade Pictures preceding Zombie Self Defence Force gave me a bad feeling. Movies with titles like Attack Girls’ Swim Team Versus the Undead might sound like instant classics, but the previews that followed looked like they were made using cheap home movie cameras from the 80s. Realizing the trailers …

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