28 May. 2014

Shop Talk 024

Another full house this week with Jonny, Jordan, Travis, K-stu and Tony chomping on comic and toy stuffs. So we start off with why the nineties Animated Batman Series is the definitive Batman series and who of us likes Beware the Batman and who does not. Travis brings in some eighties and nineties collectibles for …

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11 May. 2014

Shop Talk 023

Back on the grind! After a celebratory FCBD, we post an episode recorded mere days before it, starting with the Jewish Peter Parker, what do we like and dislike about Mr. Howard Stern and Brian Singer’s current legal troubles. It is then we are interrupted by a customer (which happens from time to time) causing …

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07 May. 2014

Shop Talk 022

This week we present a long and detailed history of everything you need to know about Power Rangers and Super Sentai, the Japanese series from which MMPR is based. Ben Horev joins us for the first time in a long time and his first time on Shop Talk. Ben and Tony are huge Ranger/Sentai fans …

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29 Apr. 2014

Shop Talk 021

Here’s a celebration of Free Comic Book Day! Tony, Travis, Nick and Jonny sit around and talk about what books you should definitely pick up this weekend when you’re out at your favorite shop for free books n whatnot. Here’s a list of the books we discuss in order; -Kaboom Summer Blast -Dark Horse’s Avatar …

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16 Apr. 2014

Shop Talk 020

There’s usually no stopping our going off topic as soon as we start an episode and the topics of conversation can and will be odd and varied, so this week we grab the podcast by the nutsack and dive straight into a big pile of comics from Jonny’s reading pile. So in order, the comics …

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11 Apr. 2014

Shop Talk 019

Back from Japan we have a bunch of stuff to dive into in this super show where every regular host of the show is here! A massive role call that includes Nick Kleinsteuber, Jordan Commandeur, Tony Albrecht, Travis Kutt and Jonny Botsch. Starting with the new Michael Bay TMNT trailer, why Masters of the Universe …

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07 Apr. 2014

Shop Talk 016

Okay, here we go… so this episode was SUPPOSED to come out BEFORE the Japan two-parter, but due to some unforeseen technical malfunctions that was no able to be scheduled. So here it is out of order but still here none the less. We start with a griping about the new Rodriguez From Dusk Till …

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05 Apr. 2014

FCBD Sneak Peek Review

Here is a sneak look at a selection of books you might like to snag this May 3rd from your local comic retailer. The list is broken into four sections that are pretty self explanatory; for everyone, for kids, for adults and hidden gems which just highlights a couple books worth picking up that might …

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26 Mar. 2014

Shop Talk 018

Part two of our epic Japan Podcast continues here; Jordan, Jonny and Tony chat and keep the bla going for another hour. Yay! Find out about what!  

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19 Mar. 2014

Shop Talk 017

Part one of our Epic Japan Saga! What does that mean? Well it means that Jonny took a trip to Japan for two weeks and in full preparedness for it we recorded an epic long podcast of two hours! We split that episode into two parts and this is the first part.

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