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Nemesis #1 Review

Mark Millar, the world”s biggest self promoter, is back with artist Steve McNiven for issue one of Nemesis.

The title character happens to be a brilliant, psychopathic assassin who systematically kills everyone around his target (friends, family, etc…)  before killing the target himself. After disposing of a mark in Japan, he moves his attention to Washington DC’s chief of police; Morrow. We”re then treated to Nemesis taking down Air Force One by himself, in mid air mind you and then taking the president hostage!

This first issue is action packed, full of explosions online casino with guts and blood all rendered beautifully by Steve McNiven. The writing by Millar is also really good, especially his dialogue.

All and all this was a fun read with great art and gives great hope that the rest of the series will be as strong as this opening chapter. Love him or hate him, Mark Millar sure knows how to write a good comic and this is no exception. So get out there, pick this single issue up and tell me if I”m wrong.

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