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Monster Brawl

Years ago I read a review for Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses that completely made the movie out to be a waste of time and an offense to film lovers the world over. After a paragraph or two it became evident that the writer had no love for exploitation films, extreme horror or drive in cinema. What did we learn here? Context is everything! My full disclosure? I don’t like, nor have I ever liked professional wrestling. So everything hereafter should be taken with the appropriate grains of salt.

First thing’s first; what you saw in the trailer is exactly what you get. No more, no less. It’s literally like watching an hour and a half of WWE if the wrestlers were monsters. There are little intros for each of them, with some background info, stats and then smack talk before they fight. The budget is quite small, so adjust expectations on quality and performances accordingly. David Foley and a few wrestling cameos like Kevin Nash and Jimmy Hart are thrown in for the fans and that is pretty much that. The writing is pretty paint by numbers with very few surprises or twists to thrill and the constant battles without any kind of plot make for a pretty boring watch.

However, one can not watch the film without noticing that this was clearly made with real love and fan appreciation for pro wrestling. The film makers clearly squeezed every dollar out of their budget to put this together as best they could and let’s face facts; if you’re a fan of wrestling in general, chances are you weren’t looking for a plot or character development in the first place. You just want monsters fighting in the ring? You got it! You want off color commentary on a fight between a mummy and a vampire? Done! Just keep those expectations low and turn your brain off.

Did I like anything about the movie? Sure! The concept had never been done before, the production was Canadian and Lance Henrikson does the narration. More important than what I thought about this film is what you want out of this film. That’s going to determine whether or not you should see it. And unlike so many other films, watching the trailer will let you know right away whether you should see this movie. If you catch yourself rolling your eyes it’s probably best to skip it. Trust me, you’ll know.

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