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Mesmo Delivery

In a ocean of graphic novels, shelves upon piles of books that frequent your local comic shop, Mesmo Delivery is likely missed and overlooked, but it probably shouldn’t be. Artist/writer Rafael Grampa has a unique voice and style that should set him apart from other creators in the same way that Mike Mignola and Frank Miller have been.

In this stand alone graphic novel, our two main characters; a creepy old Elvis impersonator and a punch drunk boxer, meet and drive a big rig across the country, hauling mysterious cargo. A boxer, punch drunk or not, is unlikely to miss out on a good old fashion bar fight and soon he’s in the middle of a knock-down, drag out dust up for the ages.

Part of Grampa’s style is the humor in the violence; at once, he can be exaggerated to cartoony proportions and gut twistingly bloody. The other stylistic footprint Grampa has left on this work is his interesting way of writing his story, leaving readers on a question rather than a definitive answer. Much like Brian Azzarello suggests in his forward, you want to immediately pick it up and read it all over again.

Below, take a look at possible upcoming toys for Mesmo.

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