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Lost S:6 Ep:10 Happily Ever After Review

 So to start off lets quickly review last weeks episode; The Package. This episode was grade A classic Lost. Now though the SLU felt a little slow it was still nice to see Mikhail again(Andrew Divoff) and how he looses his eye is great. But the real great thing here is the fact that “The Package” was Desmond and that I was right.(gold star for me). A nice added touch here was Jin seeing his daughter for the first time. But my excitement was really the appearance of Desmond and his connections to electromagnetism.

Now on to… Happily Ever After.

Thank the gods this week brings back Desmond to the fore front with a an episode that makes the SLU important. We start off with Desmond being thrown into room with a giant electromagnet. Widmore, not fretting over the death of “Red” shirt lackey just moments before des’s arrival. Widmore seems really Hell bent on winning this impending war, so with out a second thought Widmore pulls the switch. Desmond is “zapped?” with electromagnetism and BOOM we are SLU bound.

So as I said before the SLU is actually significant in this story with the vast majority taking place there. We discover that Desmond is a single, wealthy “problem” solver for his boss and friend Charles Widmore. Des’s latest task…get Charlie Pace out of jail and over to this “party” his wife is hosting, so he can play with there musician son. (gee I wonder who that could be) . So des picks up Charlie and Charlie goes on to explain that he saw what was ’Real”. This of course leads to the first overt cross over of island time and SLU. I half to admit I nearly leapt out of my seat when Desmond had the flash of “not Penny’s boat.” From this it appears Charlie has known all along things weren’t right.

After having memories and images of Penny flood his mind during an MRI. Des has to tell Eloise Widmore about Charlie’s absence. All goes well and he’s on his way out when he hears Penny’s name read off a guest list. This is when shit gets interesting…After being belittled by Eloise and being told not to pursue what he’s looking for, for he has everything he’s ever wanted. So the question becomes, is Eloise aware of the multiple time line? It sure sounds like it. Further more is the vary enlightening conversation Daniel (Jeremy Davies) has with him, with the conclusion being he believes he (Daniel) had set off a nuke changing things. He also tells Des were he can find Penny. The scene between Desmond and Penny is hart warming and sweet, with them both “digging” each other on first sight. God I love these two.

Desmond is than awoken in the room on the island, surviving yet another blast of electromagnetism. Desmond than discovers he was only out for a minute, once more Desmond is more than willing to help Widmore (WTF?) does this mean des remembers the SLU?

Well this being Lost we cant have the episode end with out a small cliff hanger, and this one has a nice one…well two actually. First off we have Sayid jumping out of the jungle killing two of Widmoore’s men and letting Zoe leave. Then Desmond agrees to go with him. (again WTF?) But the second tease is back in the SLU were Desmond, after meeting with Penny, asks his driver Minkowski ( Fisher Stevens) to get the names of all the people on flight 815.finally things are a foot in the SLU.

So all and all a great episode, this one clocks in as my second favourite this year with Ab Aeterno still on top. So that’s it this week kiddies so till next time…Stay Classy Earth.

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