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Lost S6 Ep.6 Dr Linus

Napoleon Dynamite

Welcome all to another week of lost goodness. This episode starts of fast and furious with Ben first catching up with the remainder of the group on the island. Then flashing sideways to catch up with are favourite teacher talking to his class about another short power hungry leader in Napoleon. The similarities between the two are obvious but watching Ben describe in essence his island counter part is delightful.

Stab, Stab, Stab

So are good pal Miles finally gets to use his funny little power but even more so we get a minor answer here when Miles explains how his power works. It was a nice little seen toped of with him revealing to everybody that Ben went staby staby on Jacob. His little line of Uh-Oh to Ben after Ilana reveals that Jacob was like a father to her. Uh-Oh in deed.

Ben Love his Daddy

So what seems to becoming a trend in the SLU, Ben seems to have a good relationship with his father (just like it was hinted at that Locke has a good relationship with his papa). Papa Linus drops a nice little nugget of info with regards to him and Ben leaving the island when Ben was a kid. Of course this brings up the Question of why they left. There’s also nice piece of opposites here as Ben on the island killed his father with gas but here he has gas helping his father stay alive.

Back to the Beach

So are “Good Guys” (that’s what I’m calling them because they are…I mean they half to be right?) come back to the beach were are survivors lived so long ago. But while are friends are rebuilding some shelter, Ilana decides to make Ben pay for his actions by forcing him to dig his own grave (that’s cold). While digging Miles comes to offer Ben some grub, good old Ben decides to try and bribe Miles with the 3.2 million he wanted. Miles response is classic… “ Why would I need your money when their’s a couple of Jabronies over there buried with 8.2 million dollars in Diamonds.” Love the reference to Niki and Palo.

I Just Want to Die

So Jack and Hurley are heading back to the Temple when the come across what they will soon discover a suicidal Richard Alpert. Lie to them and leading them to the Black Rock and not the Temple, we get a half answer when Richard mentions that he has not been back to the ship since he got there. Between this and the chains comment by Smlocke in LA X I think its safe to assume that Richard was once a slave on the Back Rock. Richard also reveals that he is the way he is because Jacob gave him a gift by touching him. Does this mean all are survivors have this gift?

So suicidal Richard apparently cant kill himself and asks Jack if he could lite the fuse to a stick of Dynamite. Hurley fearing he’ll become the next Dr Artz decides to vacate the area. But Jack stays telling Richard he doesn’t believe he can die also since Jacob has been watching him since he was a kid. Jack has faith and in the process of the dynamite going out before it explodes restores Richards faith as well.

Rousseau in LA

So Ben being a good teacher is tutoring non other than Alex Rousseau (Tania Raymonde). And during there tutoring session it comes to light that the douche bag principle (played nicely by William Atherton of Die Hard fame) is having an affair with the school nurse. Ben acting more like his island counterpart gets a hold of some emails and try’s to bribe the principal. And though it looks like Ben has the upper hand and it looks like he will be principal Linus, are Douche bag principal pulls a fast one by revealing he has an email request from Alex asking for a recommendation letter for Yale. If Linus wants his job he can have it but at the expense of Alex’s future. This time Ben does the right thing and backs down, cause after all Bens a good guy.

Bens Last Chance

Well as Ben continues to dig his own grave, who shows up? Non other than Smlocke. After telling Ben he doesn’t want him to die, Smlocke uses his nifty magic to undo Bens leg restraint, he explains that there’s a gun about 200 yards in and that he can get the drop on Ilana and after that’s done he can meet Smlocke and all his people on the other island at the Hydra station.

As soon as Smlocke leaves Ben and Ilana’s eyes meet and then Bens off to the races. Now I don’t mean to make fun of you ladies out there, but damn Ben runs like a girl, how Ilana doesn’t catch up to him is more unbelievable than a Smoke Monster. Any way Ben has Ilana at gun point and goes on to explain that he no’s how she feels by what happened to Alex and how he sacrificed her for the island. “Were will you go” asks Ilana, “to Locke” Ben responds “because he’s the only one who will have me.” And though Ilana doesn’t say I forgive you her line of “I will take you” is here way o forgiveness and in essence gives Ben the redemption he so needed, after all Ben’s A good guy.

The Rest of the Good Guys Return

The episode ends with Jack, Hugo and Richard coming back to the beach. The good guys are all together now. There’s also a nice little seen with Miles inspecting the Diamonds the were buried with Niki and Palo. Oh and a submarine shows up with Charles Widmore on it….hmmm I wonder how he found the island?

So till next week keep the beers cold and the joints lit or get Lost.

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