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Lost S6 Ep.5 Lighthouse

Welcome back fellow Losties. Sorry for the late review I kinda got caught up in the hole Russia vs. Canada Hockey game the other night. But Now I’m back so lets get to it shall we.

Jack has a what?

So this week were treated to a Jack-centric episode which opens in SLU (safe landing universe). We find Jack checking out his appendix scar looking a little perplexed when he’s interrupted by a phone call from his mother. Jack promptly ask her when he had his appendix taken out. She reminds him it happened when he was seven or eight. Sounding a little confused she asks him if he remembers and of course Jack says yes though the look on his face tells us different…he doesn’t remember. After making plans with his mother Jack checks the clock…2:50pm. He tells his mother that he’s late and hangs up and runs out the door. Now were is Jack going? Does he have a date? Some one to operate on? Nope, he’s just going to pick up his son David from school….wait what the fuck?

Doesn’t that Jacob show up in the darndest places.

So back on the island Jack and Dogen have a nice honest conversation were Jack discovers that leaving is an option while give an honest answer about Kate, Sawyer and Jin not coming back. Meanwhile Hurley and Miles are playing a make shift game of tic tac toe. After what can only be assumed as 1 of many ties, Miles quits. Hurley suggests something to eat and promptly goes looking for food. Walking through the “pool” room Hurley asks a guy at pool side were the kitchen is. He promptly replies, “ Its all the way down the hall way Hugo.” and of course Hurley is surprised to see its Jacob, but Jacob isn’t here to just shoot the shit, oh no he has mission for are loveable rotund friend. Apparently some ones coming to the island and he needs Hurley to help them find it.

Jack just like his Daddy?

Back in the SLU (damn that sounds like some sort Ghetto) Jack is having trouble talking to his son (sound familiar). I seems Jack is having the same trouble his own father had with him….hmmm must be a Sheppard family trait.

Claire, Jin, Jack, Hurley, Sayid oh my.

Back at the temple Sayid confronts jack about what the hell’s going on with him and why every one is staring at him. Jack fess’s up that the pill was poison and that the infection he has is the same as a certain sister of his has. Meanwhile Claire helps Jin get free of her bear trap before he passes out from the pain Jin asks Claire how long she‘s been out there were she answers “since you all left“ which of course is three years.. After this we catch-up with Hugo following the directions he wrote down on his arm from Jacob, looking for a specific hieroglyph when Dogen catches him in the act. Dogen tells him that he shouldn’t be there and go to the court yard, when good o’l Jacob shows up and tells Hugo to tell Dogen that he can go any were he wants because he’s a candidate. After telling the “Samurai” that he can go to the court yard him self, Jacob gives Hugo shit because he has to take Jack with him. When Hurley tells him its next to imposable to get Jack to go any were, and if Jacob has any ideas on how to get Jack to go, Jacob gives a nice little half smile. Hugo than goes back to the court yard and tells Jack that he has what it takes which of course is the opposite of what his father always told him. Hurley tells Jack that Jacob told him to say it and that he would no what that means. Hurley than lies to Jack telling him that Jacob would be were there going. That’s more than enough for Jack and off we go.

Claire in crazy land.

So we find Jin in Claire’s “home” were she has a lovely basinet with a not so lovely bare skull and pelts baby in side. Claire returns with the other Justin who faked being dead. This is when we get are first hint that Claire is truly “dead” when she mentions that the only real thing around there that will kill you is infection…hmmm just like the infection both her and Sayid have? To me this really gives credence that Jacob and the others truly are the “good” guys. Jin also asks Claire if she’s been all alone on the island were she reply’s “Oh I’m not by my self.” Justin warns Jin that if they don’t get out of there she’ll kill them both.

Jungle adventure.

Both jack and Hurley are going through the jungle when the stumble across Kate. Though Jack asks her to come with them, Kate recognizes that they each have there on separate journeys to follow and that Jack better get on his way. On there little adventure the come across the caves and specifically the two corpses inside which is a nice little reminder for us the audience to not forget them. As they continue on there way Hurley asks Jack why he came back to the island. Jack, with out answering asks Hugo why he came back. Hugo tells him simply that Jacob told him to. Jack than answers that he thought the island could fix him since he fells he’s a broken man.

Back in the SLU.

Jack is helping his mother look for his fathers will once finding and reading it Jacks mother asks him if he knows who Claire Littleton is? Though Jack doesn’t answer there is defiantly recognition of the name on his face. Later Jack gets home to find David missing he finally tracks him down at a piano tryout were Jack comes across a non confrontational Dogen. After talking to David and patching things up with him it looks like SLU Jack might not have a bad life after all

Camp Crazy.

Back with Claire and the boys, Claire starts to interrogate poor Justin about Aaron and when she’s just about to kill him Jin fess’s up about Kate taking him. This seems to enrage Claire and she swiftly puts an Axe through Justin’s gut. Claire than asks Jin if its true about Kate. Realizing Claire isn’t good no more, Jin tells her he was lying and that infact Aaron is at the temple and that the can go get him through a secret way…Sly Jin Sly. Then Smlocke shows up which Jin promptly says “John?” which Claire corrects him by saying “ this isn’t John, this is my friend.” Things don’t look good for Jin

The Light House

Finally Jack and Hugo arrive at there destination…an old lighthouse. After kicking in the door the make there way to the top. But this is no normal lighthouse. Oh no. Hugo, still following Jacobs instructions, has to set the light house to the magic number 108, but before it gets there it passes #23 and when it does Jack see’s his child hood home and kinda looses it and smashes all the mirrors when Jacob does not show himself. We then find Jack staring out at the ocean alone while Hurley has a convo with Jacob were Jacob admits that Jack seeing what he saw was to show him how important he is. He further tells Hugo that whom ever is coming to the island will find away. He also tells Hugo that he needed to get him and Jack as far away from the temple as possible cause some one was going there and they are bad. Hugo wanting to save the day by warning them is informed that its to late.

Well that’s it. So till next week be here or be Lost.

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