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Lost: S.6 Ep.8 Ab Aeterno

 So let me start with a mini review of last weeks episode “Recon.” It sucked…by far the worst episode of the year. With only a couple of things worth mentioning, namely how boring/stupid Sawyers flash side ways was. And though it was nice to see Charlotte again, were the hell is Juliet? Though special shout out to Sawyer for bang’n another Lost Hottie. That brings his count to what? 4 now. ( Kate, Anna Lucia, Juliet and now SLU Charlotte) The only interesting thing in the hole episode was what does Whidmore have locked up? My guess…Desmond (it better be)

Now to this weeks festivities.

This was by far and away the best episode of the season. Why you ask…Well answers. Now some may groan and say well it was kind of obvious…and your right most of Richards back story was kind of obvious but seeing it was still a blast. The real added bonus of this episode is MIB in his original form. Watching him manipulate Richard the way Dogen did Sayid was awesome. That must be one special knife.

Ab Aeterno translated from Latin literally means “from the beginning of time” and with the religious over tones and the hints of the Garden of Eden through out the episode, there not kidding it’s the beginning of time after all Richards arrival brings the true begging of what would and will happen in the future with are Ocianic survivors.

Now some questions do arise from this episode like why if Jacob brought the Black Rock to the island would he not have the for sight in seeing it crash into his home? And how big was that wave that brought it to shore? Though it would be easier to bring the ship to the island if the island was underwater, no? Another great thing about this episode is the description of the island and its purpose as a “cork” to keep the evil out of the world was most intriguing. So were does Jacob and MIB come from? Well lets hope that is answered by seasons end.

Finally the end was awesome, with Richard loosing his faith and wanting to join Smlocke only to be brought back to the side of light by his long dead wife (thanks to Hugo). With her last words…You must not let the Man in Black leave the island, seemed to give Richard a new purpose. I hope that are 140+ year old friend finds his peace by the end, to be reunited with his lost love.

All and all great episode, and with only 7 episodes left things are heating up, and the home stretch is in view. So keep those beers cold and those joints lit, till next week….

This is Ripley…er…Kevin Signing off.

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