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Lost S.6 Ep.5 Sundown

Well it’s been another week of Lost and the fists were truly flying this week.

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

So this week’s episode starts off with the best fight so far in Lost history (narrowly beating out Sayid and Keamy’s little bout in season 4). And though Dogen wins in the end, he cant bring him self to kill Sayid because of… a baseball?

Sayid is subsequently banished from the temple when crazy Claire shows up.

Side Ways Sayid

So over in pointless world we find Sayid dropping bye his lady love, Nadia (Andrea Gabriel) who’s married and has two children with Sayid’s brother. What the Fuck? We soon learn that Sayids brother has gotten in deep with a lone shark and he wants Sayids help to “take care of it.” Sayid, of course, tells the man who married his woman with a resounding no. But make no mistake, Sayids duelling nature is at war with one another both here and on the island.

Use your Dark Side for Good

So with the appearance of crazy Claire at the temple, our friend Dogen has a change of heart with Sayid. He appeals to the “good” part in Sayid which Sayid believes is who he is. With cool dagger in hand, he strikes out into the jungle to find a “dead” friend, stumbling into Kate on the way (too bad he didn’t stab her). A little more along the way he finally comes across SMLocke. Before he can say a word, the pointy end of the dagger is in his heart. Proving Smloke has no heart he decides to ask why he did that. Sayid, removing the dagger, explains that he was told that Smlocke was “Evil Incarnate.” Its funny how nobody refers to Smlocke by his actual name, like his name would perhaps be a big give away to who he is.

After Promising to reunite Sayid with his lost love Nadia, Smlocke, in exchange would like him to deliver a message to the people of the temple for him.

Kate and Claire Together Again.

Upon returning to the temple and discovering that Claire is there, Kate goes and finds her. Kate tells Claire the truth about Aaron which Claire looks a little stunnedd by. I for one hope she keeps her promise and kills Kate… probably wishful thinking though.

Sayid Side Ways

Back in the who gives a shit universe, Sayid’s brother’s lone shark sends some thugs to collect Sayid after his brother is “mugged” and in hospital. So Sayid goes face to face with the lone shark who is none other than former psycho merc Martin Keamy (Kevin Durand).  This was a nice little surprise cameo. And surprise is the name of the game here as Sayid lets his “dark side” take over, which leaves Keamy with two dead body guards and a hole in his chest. The final surprise comes When Sayid stumbles across Jin in a meat locker…WTF?

Smlocke’s Offer

Sayid returns to the temple, and gets the attention of everyone by revealing that Jacob is dead and that any one can join Smlocke but must be there at sundown , anyone left behind will be killed. It appears that most of the Others decide to follow Smlocke and leave the temple.

Dogen, We’ll Miss You.

So we catch up with Sayid with Dogen at the pool, Dogen clutching his baseball tells a story about himself getting in a drunk accident and killing his son…coming home from (drum roll please) Baseball practice. Asking Sayid if he will stay or go now that it’s sundown, Sayid tells him he’d like to stay. Of course when he says stay he means stay and kill Dogen. After drowning our favourite samurai, Lennon walks in to ask what he’s done, telling him and us the audience that it was Dogen keeping Smlocke out. Sayid responds that he knows and then slits Lennon’s throat. Then we cut to the most awesome kick ass massacre by the Smoke monster ever. While this is going on Kate goes to get Claire while Miles tries to find a place to hide. This is when Sun, Lapidus, Ben and Ilana show up. Miles of course explains everyone else is gone and that Sayid is in the pool room. Ben rushes to find Sayid.

Smlocke Victorious, Ben Scared Shitless

So Ben gets to the pool room to find Sayid sitting just staring at the two people he’s just killed. Ben tries to urge Sayid to go with him but after the look Sayid gives him, Ben subsequently shits his pants and backs off to leave Sayid alone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ben so scared.

Meanwhile Ilana and the others go down the same hidden path Jack and Hurley took to escape Smokies wrath. Back outside, Sayid, Claire and Kate(?) join Smlockes new army.

So that’s it. Thankfully no new characters introduced this week, in fact we have a hole bunch massacred. Of course some questions come up like where was Sawyer and Jin when all this is going on and how does Ilana know so much? Thing’s are heating up and with only 12 hours left we should be getting answers fast and furious, like were the hell is Desmond?

Well, till next week keep them Joints lit and Beers cold for Lost will be back next week.

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