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Lost: Episode 1, Season 6. “LA X”

LAX”  Review

So my fellow Lost addicts, our show is back and is wasting no time in answering (or partially answering) questions. I’m going to break my review into two sections, instead of hopping back an forth, so lets waste no more time and get down to it.

Section1: Different Reality/Parallel Universe.

A bright white screen; that was what we were left with last year, and the story picks up right from there. As we pull back from that white screen we realize that the screen is no longer white, but full of clouds. As we continue to pull back we are now on Oceanic flight 815, and there’s Jack, in all his season 1 glory. Yet somethings amiss. First small clue is that Jack is only having one drink not two, like in the pilot. After some brief turbulence, Jack and Rose have a familiar conversation, only to be interrupted by more violent turbulence. As the plane starts to shake apart… oh wait, it doesn’t. It stays airborne… wait, what? As we, the viewer, are shocked, we”re in store for one more (well, maybe two). We pull out of the window and descend down toward the Island. As we plunge into the ocean we see the Island is under water?! So it worked! Huzzah! Or did it? (by the way I have to admit that the CG on the Island underwater was awful. Come on ABC! You could have pony’d up some more dough to make that look better.)

Through out the rest of the 2 hours, we see all our characters on the plane, as well as at “LAX” after they land. But there are differences from what we’ve seen before. The biggest change just might be the absence of Shannon. Boone( Ian Somerhalder ) is alive and well, and cross’s paths with Locke, explaining that his sister decided to stay with her abusive boyfriend. This is one reviewer who is more than happy to here we will not be seeing Shannon again. Or maybe its Desmond, who in our universe was never on that flight.

All our characters cross paths with one another, with the exception of Sun and Jin. Jack seems to be the focal point, making contact with Bernard, Rose, Locke, Kate, Sayid, Desmond and Charlie. Still addicted to heroin, Charlie has stopped breathing and Jack saves his life, to which Charlie promptly tells ask, “Why did you do that, I’m supposed to be dead.”

Our last flash of “this” reality has Kate(still in handcuffs) escaping custody and getting into a cab holding a gun ordering the cabbie to drive. Kate soon notices a very shocked and scared Claire is already occupying the cab. And that’s it so far.

Let the questions begin…

Section 2: The Island.

A bright white screen; that was what we were left with last year and the story picks up right from there. Soon we are on an extreme close-up of Kate’s eye. Kate wakes up in a tree not being able to hear and, unfortunately, the producers felt we should be able to hear what she hears…so unnecessary and annoying.

So Kate has found Miles and together they find Jack and Sawyer unconscious next to the blown up hatch… wait what? So it didn’t work? My head hurts.  Anyway Sawyer, being pissed at Jack for causing Juliet‘s death, has just gotten through kicking Jack”s ass when cries for help can be heard from the beneath the exploded hatch. Juliet is still alive?

While Jin is heading back to the van where he left a half dead Sayid with Hurley, Hurley is having a conversation with a newly dead Jacob, who tells Hurley the only way to save Sayid is to take him to the temple. He also reminds Hurley to bring the guitar case. And all this in the first 40 minutes.

The hour ends with the death of Juliet in Sawyer”s arms, dying before she can tell him something important…later, Miles reveals her message that “it worked”… whatever that means?

On the beach, Locke asks Ben to go get Richard and have him brought in for a chat. Ben”s request to Richard is denied, in a sense, and instead Ben returns with an armed team who have every intention of taking out Locke after he tells them Jacob is dead. Its here we get some answers… sort of. First, Locke disappears and then the Smoke Monster is there attacking them. Bram, who led the armed team, thinks quickly and pours black ash around him. Standing in the circle, Smokie cant seem to harm him. But some quick determination and Smokie has killed Bram, leaving Ben unharmed after witnessing the carnage. Locke shows up again and Apologizes to Ben for having to see him “that way”. And there we have it. Sort of answers… We now know what Smokie is, we just don’t know who he is, as well as that ash can be used as protection, as well as a prison.

We soon catch up to Jack and the others at the temple, which we’ve been hearing about since season 4. After finding out what was in the guitar case, our survivors are whisked away inside, where these “others” try, but fail to save Sayid”s life. While back at the beach Locke face’s Richard, knocking him unconscious and walking into the forest with him. The episode ends back at the temple were a seemingly dead Sayid comes back to life.

And that in a nut shell is Episode 1, of season 6, LA X… phew. So this week we get new questions; Parallel universe? Why should we care about it? What is the deal with “Evil” Locke? How is Sayid alive? The ads leading up to tonight kept saying, “No more questions, just answers,” but like any great Lost episode we get a few sparse half answers, while having new ones posed, and that’s just fine with me.

The final season has begun and is of to a great start! Here’s to more Episodes like this one!

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