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Lost: Ep:2 Se:6 “What Kate Does”

So fellow Lost addicts, another episode has come and gone and that means its time to review and ponder.

Now lets start with the title, What Kate Does, which of course is the opposite of the 2nd season’s ninth episode, What Kate Did. But what Kate does in this episode is far from what she “did.”

Picking up right were the last episode left off, we find our survivors at the Temple, amazed at Sayid’s recovery. Also amazed is my new favourite character, Dogen, played masterfully by Hiroyuki Sanada (Rush Hour 3, Sunshine). After the initial amazement, Dogen, has his men bring Sayid to him to “answer” some questions. Meanwhile Sawyer, still hurting from the loss of Juliet, wants nothing to do with the temple or the Others and just wants to leave.

Meanwhile in the Flash Sideways world(I have no idea what else to call it) we pick up with Kate holding a cabbie and, as it turns out, a pregnant Claire hostage at gun point trying to evade capture. After the cabbie splits, Kate is forced to drive herself, dumping Claire at the side of the road. Kate continues on her way, stopping at a local garage and forcing the owner to remove her cuffs.

Back on The Island, before Dogen can take Sayid to ask him questions, Sawyer, with gun in hand, forces his way out of the Temple. Kate convinces the others that she can get him to come back. But not trusting her, the others send two of their own with her, as well Jin. The others tell her it’s important that Sawyer comes back. Dogen takes Sayid, but instead of asking him any questions he tortures him for a brief time. After he’s done, his “translator” informs Sayid that he passed the test, but we, the audience, find out Dogen lied. Back with Kate, Jin and the Others, we are treated to some great banter between Kate and Aldo, who reminds us that he’s the one Kate knocked out to escape the Others way back in Season 3. The banter is cut short after Aldo stops Kate from setting off a trap that looks a lot like a Rousseau trap. After some quick words Kate sets of the trap, taking out the two Others and taking their weapons. Kate continues on to find Sawyer while Jin goes off to find his wife.

Back to the flash sideways. We find Kate going back and picking up Claire to take her to the peoples house who were supposed to adopt her baby, after a brief talk with the woman of the house, we find out that she doesn’t want the baby anymore, now that her husband has left her. Before Claire can bitch this chick out, she goes into labour. Kate takes her to the hospital were a Dr. Ethan Goodspeed comes to the rescue and tells Claire that her baby will be fine. We leave the flash sideways world with Claire lying to two cops to cover for Kate.

Back on the island Kate catches up to Sawyer at the Dharma houses, were we find out that Sawyer was going to ask Juliet to marry him. He also reveals that he doesn’t really blame Jack, but actually blames himself for her death. While back at the temple Jack confronts Dogen about what he did to Sayid. Dogen goes on to explain that Sayid is “sick” and hands Jack a pill and tells him to get Sayid to take it, which will cure Sayid of this Sickness. After presenting this option to Sayid, Jack goes back to Dogen to ask what was in the pill, when he doesn’t answer, Jack decides to take the pill, which Dogen reacts to quickly and manages to get the pill out of Jack. He then goes on to explain that the pill is poison, because the sickness in Sayid cant be stopped and that the same thing happened to Jack’s sister…say what? The episode ends with Aldo and the other Other catching up with Jin. Disobeying his orders Aldo is about to kill Jin, when a vary Rousseau looking Claire kills them both.

And that’s it for another week. With more Questions than Answers, I am lovin’ were this season is going. Well three hours down and 15 more to go, this is by far the best start to a Lost season in a long time. We’ll see you next week for The Substitute.

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