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Exploring the moral responsibility of network television, Live! features Eva Mendes as a TV exec who creates a new reality/game show based on Russian Roulette. Each contestant will pull the trigger and have a chance to either blow their brains out or win five million dollars on live TV. Sure, the concept is exciting and fresh, but is it just another hook devoid of substance designed to lure you into renting it? Definitely not.

This is a movie that explains the changing landscape of public television and the standards of what our cattle-minded and sensation seeking audiences crave and what we as viewers are willing to endorse. The movie is presented in a very frank and fairly realistic way. It does tell most of it’s story through a documentary crew’s camera lens, and while that is the weakest part of the film it’s most likely this gimmick and the lack of visual palette that kept it off big screens. The cast is a glowing cavalcade of stars that include Mendes, Andre Braugher, David Krumholtz, Jay Hernandez, Rob Brown and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Hell, even 50 cent showed up for a cameo!

While it has no special features on the disc, the statements made by the film are most likely to be better served with no commentary what so ever.

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    ….so if I don’t watch it I wont miss anything, right?

    January 17, 2010 at 1:33 pm
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