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Lesbian Vampire Killers

Every time you’re in a video store and you pick up a direct to video release, you want to believe that the film will deliver on the promise on the box. You want a glamorous, action packed, thrill ride, packed with explosions, sex, intrigue and stylized special effects. You want it to be a diamond in the rough, that YOU discovered, that you can show your friends and you pick it up knowing that it will be what deep down inside your heart you always knew would be true. That it’s a poorly acted, terribly written, plodding, weak attempt by a marketing team, trying to trick you into thinking that a cool poster or a clever title will make a great movie. Well that isn’t the case with Lesbian Vampire Killers. This is a movie that delivers on it’s promises and exceeds your expectations.

Shades of Abbott and Costello meet the Wolfman, Scooby-Doo, American Werewolf in London, Elvira and Shaun of the Dead; Lesbian Vampire Killers is born from the right cinematic genes, giving birth to one beautiful movie! Probably the best kept secret of 2010, this is an inventive, quirky, funny horror-comedy that few have heard of. As Jimmy drags his best friend Fletch on a hiking adventure cross country, they get caught up in old folklore, myth and sexual innuendo when they accidentally stumble upon the hunting grounds of some, you guessed it, lesbian vampires.

Part of what makes this movie work is the script and the performances by the two leads, but there needs to be a special nod to the editing that constantly uses every opportunity to be as dynamic and interesting as possible. At times, the editing will lend to the comedy as well. Even the special effects on such a low budget flick are surprisingly well done and keeping in step with the tone of the movie and despite how easy it is to rely on digital effects these days, director Phil Claydon knows when it’s important to use practical effects for some of the gore. Every piece of this movie is in perfect sync with the strange marriage of tones that make up the identity of the film. The humor is a good fit with the horror, combining two completely dissimilar genres with the same success as Big Trouble In Little China. The horror has enough weight that it will be respectable to horror fans as it was in Shaun of the Dead or Severance and the editing acknowledges the comedy. The music plays the straight Gothic, ethereal vampire score enhancing the humor by contrast. The special effects have enough realism to give us the action we’re looking for but have the zany fun qualities appropriate for the humor. The girls are hot and there are lots of titties to see, so the pulp/grind house appeal is fulfilled. Whatever bad performances one can find (Which aren’t many) are easily forgiven and applauded in loo of the comic book feel of the film.

Sink your teeth into Lesbian Vampire Killers, you won’t regret it.

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