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Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal

I’m not a hater of DC comics, but I should probably confess that I haven’t read anything DC since Green Lantern: Rebirth. (Which was awesome) So when the big boss man handed me this first issue of a four issue mini to read and review, I only had a little bit of knowledge of who Arsenal was. ( For all of you who don’t know; he used to be called Speedy and later became Red Arrow.)

The story, written by J.T. Krul with art by Geraldo Borges , starts off with a bang as Prometheus (disguised as Captain Marvel) breaks in to the JLA satellite and attacks Arsenal. An eight page fight ensues that ends with Arsenal; minus one arm. Now a little bit of a history lesson before we continue; back in the day there was a now famous story that involved Arsenal (known then as Speedy) getting addicted to heroin. Flash forward to the present where we find Arsenal, minus his arm, in a sick bay surrounded by his fellow heroes who reluctantly inform him that his wife and child were killed in an attack on Star City perpetrated by Prometheus. The rest of the issue has Arsenal dealing with the death of his family while being tempted by a ghost from his past to start using again.

And that my friends is the first issue. A great start that has everything from action to tragedy and addiction. I look forward to seeing if Arsenal can battle and defeat his demons. So go out there and pick this one up cause I have a feeling this is going to be a good/sad ride.

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