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Just Wright

Whether you’re making a horror movie or (as is the case here) a romantic comedy, you’ll find a set of rules for every genre. And it’s navigating these rules and avoiding tired cliches while finding a way to stay fresh and interesting that usually will make a fun movie. Just Wright is a fun movie if you like rom-coms and a good movie even if you don’t. Sure, it’s a chick flick, but even when you’re pretty sure you know how it all turns out, (most likely how ninety-nine percent of other chick flicks turn out) you’re almost always happy with the decisions that the writers have chosen. Each little twist keeps your respect for the integrity for the story and the characters and with Queen Latifah and Common leading the charge, you hope that integrity’s in the house. So the ladies are almost guaranteed to like it and even if the fellas don’t, they still get to see Common shoot hoops.

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