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Jenifer’s Body

Even a quirky and fun movie can be tanked by a big name. While this statement would seem to derive an obvious conclusion from many who already hate Megan Fox, please read on so that I may clarify.

Diablo Cody, hot off her success with Juno, penned a new script that would tread some familiar thematic ground as her previous coming of age tale. The new story would incorporate horror elements and combine dark comedy to create something new. The story follows two girlfriends as one of them becomes some kind of monster that lures in boys with her good looks and then kills them to preserve her stellar appearance. This exagerated version of highschool events has promise, but somewhere along the way it gets derailed. Enter Megan Fox.

The title role had to be cast with somebody hot, but Megan Fox might have been too much for the little movie. This was a movie that is told from a female perspective and I’m not sure there are many women who like Megan Fox. Sure men love her in a shallow and meaningless way, but they don’t want to watch her in a quirky, teen flick even if she was stripping off all her gear. Guys will simply download those specific scenes online. The expectations of what kind of movie Fox would be in (after Transformers) would also seem to confuse audiences who were looking for a more mainstream vehicle. Ultimately, when audiences don’t understand what they’re going to watch, they don’t end up liking it.

Attaching a hot name like Fox to a project like this is also likely to add more cooks into the kitchen. This is in evidence on the DVD that provides two different cuts of the movie. The first scene of the theatrical cut is a perfect example of how someone felt Megan Fox needed to be bumped up so that she’s the first thing you see, half naked in her bed.

Now, recasting Fox might have helped the movie find the proper audience and provided better performances, but it wouldn’t have fixed everything. Fox isn’t the only one delivering poor performances and some of the dialogue seems forced. Cody tries to write dialogue with new slang for her characters much like the eighties teen classic Heathers that is obviously a big inspiration for this flick. It doesn’t quite work here and seems a bit try hard. Finally, the movie feels clunky and this could be in the direction, the editing or all of the opinions pushing to protect Fox’s celebrity.

This movie should have taken it’s place on the rental shelf next to the Craft, Heathers and Ginger Snaps, but fans of those flicks will likely take exception to this movie. Guys might want to ogle Fox and there are some moments, but not enough to warrant buying the movie. This movie might find an audience years down the road when Megan Fox’s name doesn’t carry as much weight, crippling it’s performance.

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  • Reply Ben Sisko

    ouch…lets hope she’s(fox) is better in Jona Hex

    January 4, 2010 at 7:28 pm
  • Reply Aaron

    I think i’ll ust turn off my brain and just watch it for Fox

    January 6, 2010 at 11:53 pm
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