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Iron Man: World’s Most Wanted Vol.2 HC

On the run from Norman Osborne, director of H.A.M.M.E.R., Tony Stark dismantles his brain one cell at a time in order to protect all of his secrets. He can’t let Osborne get his hands on his technology or the secret identities of every registered superhero.

That’s just the set up for this entire run of Matt Fraction‘s Iron Man let alone this particular book which details the complete degradation of Tony’s mind, more of Pepper Pots; superhero, a cadre of allies and villains like the Crimson Dynamo and Lady Masque and a wicked final confrontation between the ex-goblin-now-Iron-Patriot and Tony in his Mark 1 armor prototype, bucket head and all.

Fraction is giving everyone ample reason to buy this book, and he’s done the almost impossible, making Tony a likable and sympathetic character again after Civil War. By sacrificing his brain to protect all the heroes of the Initiative, he demonstrates his altruistic convictions and that despite some misguided bumps along the way; we can see in this final gesture that he really is still a good guy.

Forgetting that there will be more attention on old bucket head now that he’s featured in blockbuster movies, never before has there been a better time to read Iron Man. Thanks Matt Fraction!

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