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HULK: Hulk No More

Let’s get right to it… Jeph Loeb is a hack! Now I understand that he’s written some great things in the past; (Dare Devil: Yellow, Batman: The Long Halloween, etc.) but he’s obviously lost something. Just take a look at the last few years and it becomes quite clear that either; A) he was once talented and lost it or B) he got lucky. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at how he fucked up the Ultimates. Now I don’t know if both DC and Marvel have realized how bad he is or if it’s just a fluke, but a lot of his recent projects have had him teamed with amazing artists; Joe Madureira on Ultimates 3, Jim Lee on Batman: Hush and now Ed McGuinness on this book. It really feels like both DC and Marvel are trying to cover up bad writing with great art, but guess what; it doesn’t work and this book is the proof.

Hulk No More starts off with an elder of the universe known as “The Grandmaster” snatching the Hulk from the present to put him in a competition that takes place out of time. The Hulk is allowed to choose his team, and the team he chooses consists of the Silver Surfer, Namor and Doctor Strange. This group is to be pitted against The Grandmaster’s brother, The Collector and his team, which consists of The Red Hulk, Baron Mordo, Terrax and Tiger Shark. Over the course of the next 3 issues these titans go at each other and by the end of it all, nothing happens! The entire story falls flat, it has no impact on any of the characters or their lives and turns out to be a big waste of time for both the characters in it and the reader reading it. After this lame story there are two more that are also a waste of time, so I won’t waste yours by explaining them.

It’s too bad that this book sucks so bad, because Ed McGuinness is at the top of his game here, from his awesome Silver Surfer to his amazing Galactus, it’s all classic McGuinness. It’s just too bad it’s all wasted on these terrible stories.

In the last few years Loeb has been fired off of Heroes and Lost and with any luck Marvel will give him his walking papers, because the best of Loeb seems to be long behind him and I for one will not be reading anything this guy writes again. Unless you’re a fan of great art and are not bothered by terrible writing, you should avoid this book! Who’s the Red Hulk? Who the fuck cares?

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