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Heroes For Hire #1

It always seems so odd to me that Marvel and DC do such similar storylines but nobody seems to say boo about it. I, of course, mention that because the relaunch of Heroes For Hire, the classic title that started with Luke Cage (aka Power Man) and Iron Fist fighting crime for pay, is a straight bite of DC’s Birds of Prey and the way they function with Oracle as their handler. Here we have Misty Knight playing Oracle handing out the assignments and juggling heroes. In the first issue she calls on Falcon, Black Widow, Moon Knight, and Elektra. The point is supposed to be that each hero she calls has a special skill that fits the mission, and while they don’t get paid cash, they are given valuable intel to help fight injustice. She has a secret benefactor that seems to be footing the bill…or is he? As the end of the issue reveals, there is more to this story than even Misty knows. After the story there is eight pages of Heroes For Hire history which is quite useful if you want to get an idea of where this team has been and which heroes have filled its ranks. The very last page is a teaser and it insinuates we will see Silver Sable and Ghost Rider in action next issue.

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