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Halo: Helljumper HC

Reviewed by: Jordan C.

Halo has done a great job of developing a solid story with numerous video game titles, comics and recently an anime anthology. One of my favorite elements of the Halo lore is the animosity between the Spartans and the ODSTs. Spartans are genetically modified super-soldiers, while the ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) are the UNSC’s modern version of Navy Seals. That plot point right there made for one of the better shorts from the anthology and is a major part of Helljumper as well. The rest of the story revolves around two ODSTs who are best friends, as well as highly dependent on each other in the battlefield. The way that all plays out is cliche at best. It only gets good again when our protagonists happen upon some Forerunner tech that could be fatal if it falls into enemy hands (or is it claws when you’re talking about Elites and Brutes?). Another item of note is the design customization on the ODSTs armour, it’s very reminiscent of what they’re doing with the Clone Troopers on The Clone Wars…and yet, that doesn’t make it any less cool. While I can’t honestly say I loved the writing, the clean and detailed art by Eric Nguyen makes this hardcover a revealing visual representation of the Halo Universe.

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