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Green Hornet #1

Kevin Smith is back in the world of comics and this time it’s to work on classic pulp hero: The Green Hornet by Dynamite Entertainment. So how does this book fare? Surprisingly well, but that does not mean it’s perfect.

So the story opens with what becomes the last fight of the original Green Hornet and his faithful sidekick Kato against the crime families of Century City. Smith’s dialogue between these two old friends is spot on and really gives you a sense of the trust and love they have for one another. Also, Smith has adjusted the original setting to some were in the eighties, but no year is specified. We then move a head about 20 years where we meet Britt Reid Jr. who is about to don his father’s mask. We find junior having problems with his girlfriend and the paparazzi. Apparently junior is nothing like dear old dad and doesn’t believe in working. Instead, he enjoys the life of a trust fund baby. Sounds like a hero in the making. The art by Jonathan Lau is superb and a special no-prize goes to Ivan Nunes for his great coloring that brings the whole thing to life.

This is a good read and Smith is on top of his game here. My only complaint is all 4 covers feature a female Kato which in its self is cool but she appears no where in this issue. Holding onto this surprise so it could be revealed later in the story would have been appreciated, but with that one exception, this is a solid beginning and I for one hope it keeps up.

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