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Give’em Hell Malone

Say what you will about Thomas Jane, but the man knows his audience. Continuing his strange career journey that takes him both to the big screen and to passion projects that relish their DTV shelf life, Jane’s newest outing is another low budget exercise in genre cool. The third after Mutant Chronicles and Dark Country, Give’em Hell Malone is a hard boiled noir that exists out of any conventional time line, combining old cars and new technology like cell phones as easily as peanut butter and jelly.

The performances are fun and bad (in a good way) as Elsa Pataky and Jane spit their lines of dialogue with the unnatural and ever entertaining cadence of the forties and fifties. Jane’s tightened jaw gives him the essence of Bogey and Pataky’s femme fatale is a perfect snapshot of Bacall on mute. Ving Rhames holds his own by playing himself, an always likeable character. There are enough bizarre characters to keep viewers entertained and action to keep things moving along. The clichés are all spot on where they should be and as long as expectations are managed, given the small size of the budget, this is a fun ride for genre fans.

Check out the very Sin City influenced alternate poster art to the left!

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