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GI Combat #1

When DC cancelled Men at War and Blackhawks, did they really think a new War book would good idea? How about one that is pretty flat and dull, pandering and derivative? So there are two stories. The first is about combat troops facing dinosaurs for unknown reasons and the second is yet another version of the Unknown Soldier. The only point of the first half of this book is that people who like dinosaurs will generally buy anything with a dinosaur in it like the way ninjas and zombies sell books nowadays. Maybe there will be some point to it, but there wasn”t any point to anything in this story. The Unknown Soldier is australian online casinos pokies just frustrating since Vertigo just ended their really good series and have seemingly wasted Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti”s otherwise charming talents on a standard, flat war book of no real consequence. Sure this comic will sell a bunch of issues, but much of those sales will likely be based on the cover art by Brett Booth featuring a bunch of dinosaurs and absolutely no connection to the interior art.

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