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Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression

So the long awaited return of the Ghostbusters is here. Too bad, I would have waited longer for a much more fulfilling story.

Written by comic vet Scott Lobdell with art by llias Kyriazis. We find our heroes displaced and separated throughout time by the first movie’s villain, Gozar’s father; Koza’Rai. This makes this book a direct sequel of sorts. It’s too bad it doesn’t feel that way. One of the big problems is that all the characters look and feel younger than their first movie counterparts. Venkman in particular looks twenty years younger than he did in the first film. Added to this journey is new Ghostbuster Rachel who caries a secret of her own. But in the end, only a die hard “busters” fan will give a shit.

This book looks and feels and is more in tone with the 80’s cartoon than the movies and fans of the classic ‘toon will probably love and enjoy this book. Anyone who’s more of a fan of the movies will probably want to avoid this book at all costs so they can keep their happy memories of those fun 80’s movies.

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