004 JCVD Review

Posted by Jonny in Action, Podcasts, Reviews / June 19, 2009

The muscles from Brussels came back with a vengeance this last year in a new movie that rocked film festivals across the world. While many of you may have already seen it on DVD or in theaters, such a phenomenal come back flick could hardly escape the eyes of the Fancore staff.

Rarely does an action star of Van Damme“s caliber have the slot machines character to be able to assess his life with such clarity and come out with a vehicle like JCVD; a candid look at his life and career that will move you to tears. If there is nothing else to really say about the movie, it will always be the one movie will sit in wonder at just how such a powerful performance was crafted by the man who played Guile in Street Fighter. And so here is our diatribe deliberation on the new Van Damage!

Author: Jonny

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