002 Terminator Salvation Review

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Let’s start mud slinging!

While this may be a thoughtful and no doubt insightful overview of the Terminator movie, it also goes off the rails in various places to sling a little poopie towards various parties, both affiliated with the film and and completely disconnected. Of course our random tracks of verbal diarrhea is why you love us so much!

We’ll cover the plot points, special FX, actors, director (if I could even deign to give him such an honorary title), why this is or isn’t a good movie and hopefully give you some idea whether you’d even want to step into the theatre to see it!

Author: Jonny


  • Mark Bailey June 5, 2009 in 2:51 am

    Jonny, reviewing movies like this is like reviewing Mcdonalds food; we know already. you try making a movie lets see how good you are. dude review comics maybe not movies, you’re a whiner; the magics gone; easy prey to fuck over, you liked T2, we can tell, your voice is a bit like Edward furlong’s.,,, you watched it,what were you looking for, to fuk an android. you’re as dumb as jocks that want the canacks to win the stanley cup. Cheers we’re still wating or wading? for what larger than life pop culture… people a way to critical nowadays and we wonder why nothing iconic hasn’t came out in 20 years.
    nobody wants to take a risk…. Ohh but there’s fluff movies like twilight give that one a golden shower.

  • Mark Bailey June 6, 2009 in 4:57 am

    piss on me please, I hold some Meritocracy,sorry dude buzzed,,, terminator hmm.. it would have been cool if edward played the part of john conner…

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